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Big Computing

Big Computing at Warwick and Beyond gives an overview of the dedicated computing facilities at Warwick and more widely, which allow you to do "more" than you can on a laptop. Sometimes this means running single large programs, such as a large hydrodynamic simulation for flow in a pipe (High Performance Computing, HPC); sometimes this means running very many small programs (High Throughput Computing, HTC).

Any computing which can't be done on a laptop in a few hours counts!

This two-day workshop aims to cover all the background knowledge to allow you to confidently use these systems, from requesting resources, to making effective use of them. We focus on Warwick's Sulis cluster, but we also discuss the other options there are available right now.

Throughout the workshop we are available to give hands-on support for any issues relating to "big computing" including code help, getting access to machines, and choosing how to run your jobs.

Rough Topics List

  • Signing up for services
  • Understanding your resource needs
  • Choosing suitable machines
  • How to actually run a job - from submission to completion
  • Running multiple jobs together in a batch
  • Databases for IO improvement
  • Skills for parallel computing - how machines differ and how to use this effectively

Slides for 1 Day short Workshop

See links below: Introduction, Signup hints, Cloud computing and the first two parts of the Challenges section, Getting started and Reproducibility

Slides for Full 2 Day Workshop

Day 1 AM IntroductionLink opens in a new window

Day 1 AM Letter sorting

Day 1 AM Terms and Technologies

Day 1 PM Cloud Computing

Day 1 PM GNU Parallel for running multiple programs

Day 1 PM Signup Hints and Info

Day 2 AM Big Computing Challenges Part 1 - Getting Started

Day 2 AM Big Computing Challenges Part 2 - Reproducibility

Day 2 PM Big Computing Challenges Part 3 - Files and IO

Handy Links

Signup instructions for Warwick SCRTP desktop (prereq. for cluster access) -

Signup instructions for Warwick's Avon cluster - 

Warwick's Sulis cluster info -

New to Computing? - Research Software Engineering FAQ -

New to Working on a Remote Computer? Our video guide -


December 2022 stream links:

Day 1 Live stream:

Day 2 Live stream link:

December 2023 stream link:

Live stream or review link: