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Our equipment and expertise has been used for solving problems primarily within these sectors, although we are not restricted to or by these categories. These examples merely show some of the ways that equipment has and could be used.

So, even if your problem does not neatly fit into one of these areas, please do not let this deter you from speaking to us as we we may just have the answer you need or can advise you who to speak to in the instance.

Name Description
Biosensors The Biomedical Sensors Laboratory has a track record in electronic noses, developing the first commerical electronic nose in collaboration with Bass plc and Neotronics plc in the early 1990s
Energy Efficiency Sector Includes Power Electronics, Smart Power Grids, Solar & Thermal technologies, Power & Control systems, Optical Diagnostics of Flow & Combustion
High Performance Computing
Life Sciences Sector Includes Biotechnology (incorporating the food industry, agriculture sector and food testing) and Biomedical Sectors
Materials Sector
Mechanical Sector Includes Mechanical Testing, the Vehicle Energy Facility, Product Evaluation Technologies, Environmental Testing and the Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH)