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Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy

About WCUS

The Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy, a Research Technology Platform at the University of Warwick, is a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser facility comprising four beamlines with experiments ranging from the ultraviolet to the terahertz regime, and a range of complementary spectroscopic methods. WCUS was formed following Strategic Equipment grant support from the EPSRC, and the laser system was designed and constructed in close collaboration with Newport Spectra Physics. The RTP acts as a focus for collaboration both within the university and without, and external users are able to access any of the experiments.

Facility Access

WCUS boasts a wide range of available techniques, with a focus towards ease of access, making this facility unique in the UK when compared to larger facilities of this kind. We have an informal 'proof-of-concept' application process, to allow us to properly assess your needs before making longer term bookings, which makes WCUS an exciting platform for multidisciplinary studies and cutting edge research. Just email our Facility Manager if you want to know more.