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Publications from WCUS users

High-bandwidth perovskite photonic sources on silicon

A. Ren, H. Wang, L. Dai, J. Xia, X. Bai, E. Butler-Caddle, J. A. Smith, H. Lai, J. Ye, X. Li, S. Zhan, C. Yao, Z. Li, M. Tang, X. Liu, J. Bi, B. Li, S. Kai, R. Chen, H. Yan, J. Hong, L. Yuan, I.P. Marko, A. Wonfor, F. Fu, S. A. Hindmarsh, A.M. Sanchez, J.Lloyd-Hughes, S.J. Sweeney, A.Rao, N.C. Greenham, J. Wu, Y. Li, Q. Cheng, R.H. Friend, R.V. Penty, I.H. White, H.J. Snaith & W. Zhang

Nat Photonics,2023, 17, 798–805.

The 2021 ultrafast spectroscopic probes of condensed matter roadmap

J. Lloyd-Hughes, P.M. Oppeneer, T. Pereira dos Santos, A. Schleife, S. Meng, M.A. Sentef, M. Ruggenthaler, A. Rubio, I. Radu, M. Murnane, X. Shi, H. Kapteyn, B. Stadtmüller, K.M. Dani, F.H. da Jornada, E. Prinz, M. Aeschlimann, R.L. Milot, M. Burdanova, J. Boland, T. Cocker and F. Hegmann
J. Phys.: Cond. Matt. 33 353001 (July 2021) [ pdf ] [ ref ]

Targeted photoredox catalysis in cancer cells

Huaiyi Huang, Samya Banerjee, Kangqiang Qiu, Pingyu Zhang, Olivier Blacque, Thomas Malcomson, Martin J. Paterson, Guy J. Clarkson, Michael Staniforth, Vasilios G. Stavros, Gilles Gasser, Hui Chao & Peter J. Sadler
Nature Chemistry (Sept. 2019) [ ref ]

First Step toward a Universal Fluorescent Probe: Unravelling the Photodynamics of an Amino–Maleimide Fluorophore

Michael Staniforth, Wen-Dong Quan, Tolga N. V. Karsili, Lewis A. Baker, Rachel K. O’Reilly, and Vasilios G. Stavros
J. Phys. Chem. A, 121:6357 (August 2017)

WCUS and affiliates publish a brand new work in which we discuss fluorescence quenching in a small, single moleucle fluorophore, and how learning the mechanism of this quenching can aid us in future design of new fluorescent tags.