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Ms Deborah Bull CBE

Why I've joined the Warwick Commission:

In the current socio-economic and intellectual environment, there is a pressing need for cultural organisations to understand and articulate their role and purpose in the 21st century. However, the sector cannot do this in isolation: it needs the analytical tools, the research expertise and the networks that the academic environment provides. As someone who has worked in the arts for over thirty years, I've seen at first hand the impact of culture on individuals, communities and more broadly across society but we need now to move beyond anecdote to provide compelling evidence of the role that culture can play in tackling social and individual concerns. I'm therefore delighted to be joining the Warwick Commission and to be working with a distinguished and diverse group of commissioners in this quest to articulate and define cultural value.


Deborah Bull has enjoyed a thirty year career in the arts as a dancer with The Royal Ballet, as the author of four books, as Creative Director of the Royal Opera House and, since 1998, as presenter and writer of a wide range of programmes across both television and radio. Following an appearance at the Oxford Union in 1996, she is in frequent demand as speaker, writer and commentator on the arts.

In 2012 she joined King's College London to provide leadership and direction to its wide range of collaborations with the cultural sector. As Director, Cultural Partnerships, she has established the Cultural Institute at King's and is leading on the development of Science Gallery at King's.

Deborah Bull, photo William Burlington