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Video Interviews

Over the course of the next year, the Commission team will carry out a series of informal interviews, asking young artists, audiences and academics what they think about the issues surrounding cultural value. These videos are more spontaneous and perhaps less polished than the podcast series and we would ask you to forgive any lapses in sound or image quality and treat them as a sign of authenticity! If you would like to repond to any of the videos, please use the comments link at the bottom of the page.

Creative responses from Youth Theatre members 25/10/14

In October Natalie ran a workshop with members of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre's youth theatre, The Young REP, exploring the Future of Cultural Value. The participants explored their thoughts on: the term culture; the cultural ecology of Birmingham; the value of culture and what they think the future of culture will be. This 5 minute video captures some of their creative (and often very funny!) responses. (Glossary: BOA refers to Birmingham Ormiston Academy and Newman refers to Newman University)

You can find out more about The Young REP here

Interview with members of the Young REP 25/10/14

In the fifth interview of the series, Natalie speaks to some members of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre's youth theatre, The Young REP, to explore their ideas about the Future of Cultural Value. In this 20 minute video the 16 year old participants discuss: what they think of the term culture; how they got involved in youth theatre; what opportunities there are for young people to get involved in Birmingham and the role that they think digital technologies play in the future of culture. (Note: The video is best played in full screen mode)

You can find out more about The Young REP here 

Interview with What Next? Generation 5/8/14

In the fourth interview of the series, Catriona speaks to some of the leading members of What Next? Generation, a sub-group of What Next? dedicated to addressing the issues and challenges facing emerging artists and the next generation of cultural leaders. Here Grace Heggs, Daniel Harrison, Alex Jones, Dana Segal and Melissa Wilkins talk about their approach to widening public and political support for the arts and culture both today and in the future.

You can keep up with What Next? Generation

on Twitter: @whatnextgen

on tumblr:

by email: whatnextgen at gmail dot com

You can find out more about What Next? here:

Interview with Ines Tercio 7/05/14

In the third interview of the series Natalie discuss cultural value with Ines Tercio, Executive Director of Phakama, a youth arts organisation based at Queen Mary University, London. Ines tells us about some of Phakama's projects with young people (including a paid internship scheme) and explains the importance of their youth arts board.

You can follow Phakama on Facebook and Twitter:


You can also find out more about Phakama here

Interview with Amerah Saleh 30/04/14

In the second interview of the series, Natalie talks to spoken word artist and workshop facilitator Amerah Saleh. We get to hear Amerah's thoughts about cultural value, education/training in the arts and what she thinks about the future of culture in Birmingham. (The interview takes place in the new Library of Birmingham and, as you will be able to tell from the video, ironically the library is such a vibrant building it was impossible to find a quiet space! As with the last interview we hope that the background noise it isn't a distraction from what Amerah has to say)

You can follow Amerah on Facebook and Twitter


You can also get more information about Beatfreeks here and about the Canon Hill Collective here

Interview with Daniel Bye 12/03/14

In the first interview of the series, Catriona talks to theatre-maker and writer Daniel Bye about his take on (cultural) value, arts funding and regional theatre. (We had hoped to film the interview in Daniel's dressing room at Northern Stage but wifi problems forced him to relocate to the cafe. We hope that the rattling of cutlery and gurgling from the coffee machine don't detract too much from the conversation.)

You can also watch a YouTube video of the work-in-progress performance of 'The Price of Everything', as part of TEDxYork here.

Warwick Creative Exchange: Is Culture Valuable?

Warwick Creative Exchange is a network of University of Warwick academics, and cultural practitioners and producers - mainly from the West Midlands, which aims to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange, and to encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations. In 2013 WCE organised a seminar: 'Is Culture Valuable?'. In this video you can watch a conversation facilitated by playwright and cultural commentator David Edgar, with:

Dr Eleonora Belfiore, the #culturalvalue initiative, Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick
Chris Cooper, Artistic Director of Big Brum Theatre in Education.
Dr Will Davies, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
Deirdre Figueiredo, Director of Craftspace.

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