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A Conversation with Roxana Silbert

Wed 5 Feb 2014

Roxana Silbert, Artistic Director the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, talks to Jane Woddis about the importance of finding the right balance of subsidy and earned income and why regional theatre should not be treated as a feeder for London.

Download (MP3 format, 11:07, 10.2MB)

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A Conversation with Dr Sam Friedman

Fri 7 Feb 2014

In this podcast Dr Sam Friedman from City University talks to Dom about his research on stand-up comedy, and how the questions of taste and cultural value in his work reveal interesting patterns of consumption in relation to social background.

Download (MP3 format, 09:14, 8.4MB)

A Conversation with Sir Peter Bazalgette

Fri 24 Jan 2014

Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair of Arts Council England, chats to Dom about what cultural value means to him, and why it is so important to be working on investment possibilities in todays climate. He also discusses the problem of access, and how hard it is to look forward and plan for the future.

Download (MP3 format, 13:50, 12.6MB)

A Conversation with Prof. Nick Chater

Thu 2 Jan 2014

Professor Nick Chater, from the Behavioural Sciences Group at WBS, tells Dom why the problem of cultural value is so significant, what tools can be used to measure it, and how psychology shows us that we can't necessarily trust the ways people tend to value culture.

Download (MP3 format, 16:15, 15MB)

Roxana Silbert

Dr Sam Friedman


Nick Chater