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International Trends


How are new international trends impacting on the UK's cultural status?


How do the four nations of the UK export their cultures, and to whom?


Are we at risk of a cultural brain drain?


Tony Ageh

Roly Keating

Ruth Mackenzie

Nicholas Serota

Mr Tony Ageh
Mr Roly Keating
Ms Ruth Mackenzie
Sir Nicholas Serota

This strand examines several questions about the position of Great Britain, and its four component nations, within the broad and complex network of (inter)national cultural production; questions which the Commissioners will raise in this fourth strand. This includes:

• How does English culture relate to that of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

• How ‘translatable’ is cultural policy, and how far has the ‘cultural value’ debate been exported?

• In what ways does British soft power draw on specifically international products, and what are the mutual influences between UK and ‘global’ culture?

• What is the relationship between the perceived ‘drain’ of English cultural professionals to the number of industry workers entering the UK from abroad?


  • To trace out the UK’s cultural connections between its four nations;
  • To map international cultural policy and diplomacy, and locate the position of the UK within it;
  • To make recommendations that ensure that British culture thrives in this new global context.


Theme Four Events:

17 September 2014: Provocation, The British Council

29 October 2014: Commissioner Day