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Value and Measurement


The British Theatre Consortium: Reinelt J (P.I.), D Edgar, C Megson, D Rebellato, J Wilkinson & J Woddis

(2014) Cultural Value, Critical Mass: Theatre Spectatorship and Value Attribution 
    A research study led by the University of Warwick, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of its ‘Cultural Value’ project, exploring how audience members value the experience of attending theatre.
Arts Council England & Carnwath, J D & Brown, A S (2014) Understanding the Value and Impacts of Cultural Experiences
    A Literature Review
DCMS (2014) Quantifying the Social Impacts of Sport and Culture
DCMS (2014) Quantifying and Valuing the Wellbeing Impacts of Culture and Sport
Stark, P., Powell, D., & Gordon C (2014) The PLACE Report: Policy for the Lottery, the Arts and Community in England
Arts Council England
and BOP Consulting
(2012) 'Measuring the Economic Benefits of Arts and Culture'

A practical handbook for cultural organisations from BOP/ACE on economic measurements
Centre for Economics
& Business Research
(2013) 'The Contribution of the Arts and Culture to the National Economy'
    An extensive report commissioned by ACE on the direct and indirect economic impact of culture in the UK
Fujiwara, D. (2013) 'A General Method for Valuing Non-Market Goods Using Wellbeing Data: Three-Stage Wellbeing Valuation'

An outline of measurement via 'wellbeing', as an alternative to common (flawed), current methodologies
HM Treasury (2011) 'The Green Book: Appraisal and Evaluation in Cental Government'

  The government's central guidebook on how to measure economic values and impact
Holden, J. (2004) 'Capturing Cultural Value: How Culture Has Become a Tool of Government Policy'

  Building on Jowell's essay (below), a practical understanding of how cultural value can be used as a policy tool
Holden, J. (2006) 'Cultural Value and the Crisis of Legitimacy: Why Culture Needs a Democratic Mandate'
    A continued reflection on the practical uses and reasons for cultural value in policy
Holden, J. (2013)
'Valuing Culture', in DEMOS. Twenty Years of Ideas, ed. by R. Scott and D. Goodhart, pp. 103-10
    A reflective summary of the uses of 'cultural value' over the past decade
Jowell, T. (2004) 'Government and the Value of Culture'
    Dame Tessa Jowell's original reflective piece that introduces the notion of cultural value
Manatū Taonga
(2013) 'Value and Culture: An Economic Framework' (from the Ministry for Culture & Heritage, New Zealand)
    An extremely useful report that summarises and reviews the various factors to measure in cultural value
Morrisson, M. & D. J. Dowell (2013) 'Sense of Place and Willingness to Pay: Complementary Concepts When Evaluating Contributions of Cultural Resources to Regional Communities', Regional Studies

  A useful example of how environmental factors can be used in understanding value
O'Brien, D. (2010) 'Measuring the Value of Culture: A Report to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport'

  A government-commissioned report on measurement of culture and cultural value in England
Platform for Intercultural Europe (2013) 'Four Theses for an Audit of Culture'

  A polemical piece suggesting four provocative ideas on how Europe should shift its thinking about culture