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Special Examination Arrangements

DISABILITIES AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS: if you have a long-term disability, temporary disability, learning difficulty, illness or other medical condition that could affect your ability to take examinations, please discuss this with your Personal Tutor and Disability Services in the first instance (noting that temporary conditions which would require only short-term arrangements should be referred initially to Personal Tutors). If appropriate, your department may then apply for special examination arrangements, via the Academic Office (Examinations), to the University's Board of Undergraduate Studies. Possible arrangements may include, for example, extra time for dyslexic students, the use of a PC or amanuensis where the ability to write is seriously impaired, individual invigilation to provide for rest breaks because of illness or injury, or permission to take a particular item(s) into examinations, as may be agreed in advance. In all cases you will need to submit medical or other appropriate and acceptable evidence to support your request.

PLEASE NOTE: that except for circumstances in which a disability could not have been anticipated, the following deadlines will operate in 2017/18 for notification of requests for special arrangements to your Personal Tutor or to Disability Services:

Examination Period Deadline Date

December to March


May and Summer

no later than Friday 24th November 2017

no later than Monday 5th March 2018

no later than Friday 16th March 2018   


**Please note that the university will NOT normally grant special examination arrangements for any requests which are made after the appropriate deadline which relate to circumstances which are not unexpected and could reasonably have been anticipated. In these cases, students will be advised to notify their departments of such circumstances in accordance with the University policy on mitigating circumstances (for which see link "Mitigating Circumstances" on this website) in order that they may be considered, if appropriate, under the relevant Board of Examiners' procedure for dealing with factors presented in mitigation of examination performance.**

Where a disability is disclosed, the University will take all reasonable steps to make appropriate and reasonable adjustments. To ensure there is no potential compromise of academic standards, each case will be assessed on an individual basis. Medical information will be held confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are unsure of what needs you have, please contact the Examinations Office on 024 7652 3633 or 024 761 50001 and Disability Services on 024 761 50641 for a discussion.

The University's Policy on Special Examination Arrangements for Students with Disabilities can be found via this link.

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL EXAMINATION ARRANGEMENTS PLEASE NOTE: any students with approved special examination arrangements who are to sit their examinations in their home department need to contact the examinations secretary in their home department to confirm the precise location for their examinations. The time and date will be as in the examination timetable.

RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE: if for reasons of religious observance you would prefer not to take examinations on a particular day(s), you must notify your academic department and the Academic Office (Examinations) of your preferences, by completing a form obtainable from your department/Personal Tutor. Fully completed forms should be submitted by not later than Friday 9th February 2018 to: Examinations Section, Academic Office, University House. Please note that late submissions will NOT be accepted for any reason. IMPORTANT: Please note that while the University will make every reasonable effort to avoid the times/dates in your request, owing to the logistical constraints and difficulties involved in scheduling many hundreds of examinations with extensive clash lists, involving many thousands of students, within a limited number of days, it may prove impossible to avoid those times/dates for your examinations, in which case you may wish to ask your academic department to see if they can make any alternative arrangements for you, or ask the relevant University chaplain if they could help in terms of chaperoning arrangements, for example . Therefore please note that submission of the religious observance request form does NOT mean that your examinations will definitely not be set on the dates/times you would wish to avoid.