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Tuition Fees - Channel Islands/ Isle of Man Undergraduate students

Tuition fees are payable for each year of your course at the start of the academic year, or at the start of your course, if later. For details on how to pay your fees, please see our Making Payments pages.

Intercalated year/ study abroad

If you will be studying abroad or undertaking an intercalated year in 2017/18, please see the Undergraduate Tuition Fees For Students on Study or Work Placements in 2017/18 (PDF Document) for details of the fees you will be charged.

Band Courses Tuition Fee 2017/18
  • MBChB Years 2 to 4
  • CH: Chemistry
  • ES: Engineering
  • LF: Life Sciences
  • MBChB Year 1
  • MD: Medicine on other courses
  • PX: Physics
  • WM: Engineering
  • CS: Computer Science
  • FI: Film and TV Studies
  • SM: Systems Biology
  • TH: Theatre Studies
  • LL: Language Centre
  • FR: French
  • GE: German
  • IT: Italian
  • MA: Maths
  • PS: Psychology
  • ST: Statistics
  • AS: Health and Social Studies
  • CE: Centre for Lifelong Learning
  • CX: Classics
  • EC: Economics
  • EN: English
  • ET: CAL
  • HA: History of Art
  • HI & AM: History & Am. Studies
  • IB: WBS
  • IE: Education
  • LA: Law
  • PH: Philosophy
  • PO: Politics
  • SO: Sociology