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Arriving at the University

If you have a question about arriving on campus you may find it in the list of commonly asked questions below. Click on each question to see the answer.

You need to complete course registration and upload your photograph online in order for your Warwick ID card to be ready for collection on your arrival.

How and when you collect your Warwick ID card will depend on your course start date and whether you are living on or off campus. Please see the card collection page for more information.

To collect your Warwick ID card, please bring a form of valid photographic ID (e.g. Driving Licence or Passport) and ensure that you know your 7 digit University Number (printed at the top of your offer email).

Please see the card collection page for more details.

For full and part-time students starting at other times during the year: once you have enrolled and submitted your photo online, your Warwick ID card will be available from the reception in Student Services, unless a member of your course administration has told you otherwise. The Student Reception is located on central campus - the opening hours are available on their website.

All international students must complete enrolment by the start date stipulated in their CAS (if Tier 4 sponored) or the start date in their offer letter (if not Tier 4) and collect their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from.

To fully complete your enrolment at the University of Warwick, you need to do the following, depending on your circumstances:

• If you are a Tier 4 student and are collecting your Tier 4 BRP card from the University of Warwick under the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) provision, then you must attend an in-person BRP collection event where you must bring the following ORIGINAL documents to be verified:

- Original visa which you used to complete the online enrolment process - this should be your Temporary Travel Visa

- Original passport which you used to complete the online enrolment process

- Original Home Office decision letter, should you have received one

- Copy of the UKVI document checklist which confirms the date of your visa application.

Details of when the in-person visa check events are taking place can be found on the following website:

You should have completed Course Registration and received an email from the Immigration and Compliance team confirming your BRP has been received prior to attending one of these events to help us to complete your enrolment as quickly as possible. You can find access to Course Registration via

• If you are Tier 4 student and are collecting your Tier 4 BRP card from the Post Office OR

• If you are enrolling on a visa other than Tier 4 The following will apply:

You will be fully enrolled without having to attend in-person events provided that at completion of the online course registration you have uploaded all required immigration documentation:

-Valid passport,

- Valid immigration permission which permits you to study at the University

- Tier 4 students only –Entry stamp must be uploaded via the electronic system you used for the online course registration – the enrolment dashboard – this can be done after the completion of your online course registration, but must be done before the Latest Course Start Date stated on your CAS in order to be fully enrolled

- Tier 4 students only - Copy of the UKVI document checklist which confirms the date of your visa application.

In the above cases you will receive an email confirming the checks of your immigration documentation and if successful confirming your complete enrolment at the University of Warwick.

• If you are enrolling based on evidence for submitted an in-time visa application then the relevant evidence would need to be assessed by and International Student Adviser. For more detailed information, please follow this link:

If you do not expect to visit campus as part of your course you will not normally be issued with a Warwick ID card.

Please fill out the below form and a member of the enrolment team will be in touch shortly. We aim to answer queries within three working days.

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