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Course Registration FAQs

These are common FAQs regarding first time Course Registration. Questions are broken down by Course Registration screens. If your issue hasn't been answered here please email

Welcome to the University of Warwick Student Records Log in Page

You will access student records online with your Warwick IT services account log in details. If you need to reset your password, please contact the IT services teamLink opens in a new window.

Course Details

Please pick the most relevant option. If you have multiple sponsors, please select the one funding the higher amount. If each sponsor is funding an equal amount, select any one of them. Please note there is an 'Other - not specified above [not parents/family]' option if required.

Unless you are taking another degree level course i.e. a Bachelors or Masters, please select 'No'.

Passport Details and Visa Type

Please click on the following link to contact Student Immigration and Compliance team in Student Opportunity for advice.

Warwick | Student Administrative Services | Enrolment | FAQs | Right to Study in the UK

Visa Details

Please contact the relevant Admissions Team.

Undergraduate -

Postgraduate -

Finance Detail

If you are getting a Student Loans Company (SLC) loan or external sponsorship to fund your tuition fees, please tick the pay by instalments option.

Please select ‘I wish to pay my fees in one payment’.

Please complete the Sponsorship Form from the enrolment dashboard.