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General Enrolment Queries

If you have a question about enrolling at Warwick for the first time, you should check the section below as you may be able to find the information that you require.

You will receive an email notifying you when Course Registration becomes available for you. As long as you have met all the conditions on your offer, you should be asked to complete this 4-6 weeks in advance of your course start date. Do not try to complete the enrolment activities until you receive an email asking you to do so, otherwise you may encounter problems.

Before you begin your studies there are some steps you need complete as part of enrolment. Information will be available on the Welcome to Warwick website, where you can find instructions on how to register for an IT Services account, upload a photo for your ID card, complete Course Registration, and access the Enrolment Dashboard. You will receive an email 4-6 weeks in advance of your course start date, notifying you when you are able to complete the enrolment tasks.

Your Warwick University ID will be a 7 digits long number and can be found on your Offer Email. If you have studied at Warwick before, you will most probably retain your previous Warwick University ID.

How do I submit my photograph?

You can upload your photo for your Warwick ID card via We accept photos in jpg, png or gif format. Please ensure your photo matches the criteria in our photo guidelines.

How do I know if my photograph have been submitted successfully?

Go to to see the photos you have uploaded and to select your preferred photo.

The photograph I've submitted appears slightly blurry/pixelated or the wrong size - what should I do?

You will need to upload a new photo. Find a new photo at least 240px wide x 240px high and ensure it is crisp. Upload this new photo via

Have you accepted and met all outstanding conditions on your offer?

Outstanding conditions may include production of your degree/other certificates, achievement of grades required in your offer etc. If you have not yet accepted and/or met your conditions of offer, you will not be able to begin your studies until you do so. If you believe you can now demonstrate that you have met your conditions, please contact either undergraduate admissions or postgraduate admissions.

Have you entered your Warwick University ID correctly?

Your University Warwick ID will be a 7 digit number, and can be found in your Offer Email. If you have studied at Warwick before, you will most probably retain your old Warwick University ID.

Are you using the correct details to log in?

The first enrolment task is to register for your IT Services account, and you then use these log in details to access Course Registration. The username for your Warwick ITS account will be a u followed by your ID number.

Are you trying to access course registration too early?

Course registration will only be open for you 4-6 weeks before your course start date. You will receive an email with instructions once you are able to enrol, so please wait for this before attempting to access Course Registration.

In certain, very limited circumstances, students are permitted to enrol provisionally on postgraduate courses when they still have conditions of their offer outstanding. This may happen if you are awaiting the final confirmation of your DBS check, or if you are beginning a PhD programme in September, but will not receive the results of your Master's degree until November. Please note that if you still have conditions outstanding on your offer of a place to study at the University, your enrolment will remain provisional until you have satisfied all the outstanding conditions of your offer. If you fail to satisfy the outstanding conditions of your offer within six weeks of the date of your enrolment, your enrolment will be terminated and you will no longer be a student of the University. Any payments of stipends to Postgraduate students will not be paid until you have satisfied all outstanding conditions of your offer and are fully enrolled. For more information, please see the Payments to StudentsLink opens in a new window webpage.

Yes, students going on a year abroad/year in industry are required to re-enrol when asked.

You will be able to re-enrol once your results have been coded by Student Records. Once this coding is complete you will automatically receive the re-enrolment email instructing you how to complete re-enrolment. Students taking September resits received an email with full details in mid-August.

Please fill out the below form and a member of the enrolment team will be in touch shortly. We aim to answer queries within three working days.

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