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#15 - Create and share a resource list with Talis Aspire

  1. Traditional reading lists are now easily expanded with links to online content and multimedia from many sources.
  2. Over time, a resource list can evolve, with input from multiple editors, including students and library staff (who can help ensure that the required resources are available).
  3. By using a resource list management system, we can make this process more efficient, sustainable, simple and inclusive.
Solution overview

Talis Aspire is used to create blended lists of online and printed resources. Reading lists appear on the home page of a module's space in Moodle. Use the Talis bookmark in your web browser to make the process simpler and faster - once you have the bookmark installed, you can browse to a web page representing a resource (in the journal, library catalogue or any other web page), select the bookmark and you can add the resource to your list. You can organise your reading list into sections to match your module design. The Library team check through module related reading lists, to ensure that as many of the required resources are available to the students as possible. The reading list may be reused in future years (it is included in Moodle's annual roll-over), or in other modules and activities (you might build a list for research purposes, and then use parts of it for teaching).

You can do this collaboratively - inviting other people to be list publishers, allowing them to add to and edit the list.

The Library has created comprehensive guidance on using Talis.

  1. Read and follow this getting started from the Library, which explains in detail how to follow these steps.
  2. Initially, an empty Talis list is created for every module. Your list might be empty, or it might have been populated by a previous teacher, in which case it may or may not have been "published".
  3. Invite your colleagues, or even students, to be "list publishers", giving them the ability to add to and edit the list (when viewing the list, select Edit and Assign List Publishers).
  4. Think about how your list is best organised, read this advice, and set up sections in your list.
  5. Use the Talis bookmark in your web browser to collect resource links and details.
  6. When completed (and published, which makes it live), add the list into your Moodle Module Space (Reading List is a type of resource you can add in). You can add the whole list in one Moodle page, or sections of the list. The list can be added within another Moodle page, or have its own page.