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#14 - Create an online quiz with H5P in Moodle

  1. Use face-to-face teaching time more efficiently.
  2. Support students' independent study.
  3. Ensure students understand before you move on to another topic.
Solution overview

The H5P interactive content tool (available in Moodle) includes several content types for making quizzes. The simple Quiz content type allows for a single question. For a series of questions, use Question Set. You can also embed questions into Course Presentation and Interactive Video. If used within Moodle, students' results from the activity are recorded in the module grade book. H5P activities may easily be exported, and recreated in other Moodle Module Spaces. You might also want to consider Moodle Quiz as an alternative, as this provides more sophisticated features such as question banks, randomised selection of questions, and certainty-based scoring.

  1. Consider if you need to use Moodle Quiz for its more advanced features.
  2. If using H5P, do you want a single question (H5P Quiz) or a series of questions (H5P Question Set)?
  3. Create a new H5P activity in your Moodle Module Space, and set the type of activity (in the H5P editor) as required.
  4. Read the instructions and guidance provided for the activity type you have chosen (Moodle provides a link to the help materials for each content type when you create one).