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Reading Lists

Information and guidance for academic staff

To facilitate resilience of our teaching and support for students, all reading lists should be submitted online using the Talis Aspire system, and all core and recommended readings must be available electronically – either as e-books, e-journal articles or copyright-cleared chapter / article scans.

There is lots of help and support available to you – please find more details and information below.


On 4 May 2021 all published Reading Lists were successfully rolled over, so a draft 2021/22 version of all lists published last year is now available. These are not visible to students until published.

  • If your module will be running again in 2021/22, check the draft, make any changes you might require, and publish to ensure it is visible to students. You can make further changes at any time, even after the list is published – the Library will be alerted to your change and can take any required action

Action required

traffic-lightsCheck the 2021/22 draft and make any edits. This list will display all reading lists you have been responsible for. Please contact us on readinglists dot library at warwick dot ac dot uk if any of the following apply:

        • your module reading list is not showing in your My Lists page
        • a module is not running in 2021/22, or it is no longer needed
        • you are no longer the lead for a module reading list

Publish the list by clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

Further changes can be made to reading lists after publishing, if needed.

Lists received later in August / September will be processed as soon as possible but the Library is unlikely to have required readings in place for the start of term.

Most 2020/21 lists will be archived at the end of September.

If you need any support or advice with your reading list(s), contact your Academic Support Librarian or email readinglists dot library at warwick dot ac dot uk.

For 2021/22, the University is planning to continue to offer a blended approach to teaching and learning.

Online reading lists in Talis Aspire, providing online access to essential readings where at all possible, are key to this approach. In 2020/21 67% of modules had a list in Talis Aspire and additional e-books were acquired to support students learning remotely. We aim to build on this success and increase engagement with Talis Aspire in 2021/22 to further improve the student learning experience.

Talis Aspire is the sector standard for online reading lists and enables you to easily keep your reading lists up to date, while also providing immediate and concurrent access for multiple students to required readings.

Please be aware that the Library will seek to acquire all essential and recommended readings in electronic format where feasible/affordable, but not all books are available to purchase in e-book format (Myths & tips about e-books ) - contact your Academic Support Librarian can or help with sourcing appropriate e-resources and with providing online information support for your students.

Support is available to help you with all aspects of the process. Please contact us at: readinglists dot library at warwick dot ac dot uk for help and advice on building / updating your reading lists in this environment.

A large proportion of peer universities have already adopted Talis for all reading lists and just over 50% of module leaders here at Warwick already use it. We also know that many students prefer using Talis Aspire to support their learning experience.

Benefits for academic staff

  • One port of call to notify the Library and request reading list items, including scanned material
  • Simple to create, manage and edit your list
  • Flexibility in your list structure
  • Allows you to link to any type of resource
  • Share your list easily with students
  • Reading list dashboard allows you to track engagement with your list
  • Integrates with Moodle or your module website

Benefits for your students

  • Provides them with direct links to reading material
  • Clear guidance on reading expectations and importance
  • Ability to add their own notes and prioritise reading
  • Consistent experience across modules
  • Frees time for independent searching
  • Readings are available in the right quantities

The Talis Aspire Reading List system enables you to create dynamic reading lists for your students, providing them with direct links to all their required reading materials. Using Talis Aspire for your reading lists will improve the visibility of lists for students and provide a consistent approach across modules. Your lists will also be automatically checked by the Library allowing us to provide access to the materials and resources your students need.

How the Library can help you

  • Assist with the setup of your Reading Lists on Aspire
  • Check for availability of e-books and most recent editions of key readings
  • Digitise book chapters or journal articles as required
  • Provide full training and ongoing support


Contact us at readinglists dot library at warwick dot ac dot uk to arrange 1:1 or group/department training - this is currently being offered online (via Teams or similar).

The Reading List Team or your Academic Support Librarian can also offer further help and advice.