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#22 - Include a simple discussion forum in the Moodle Module Space

  1. Students may be reluctant to ask for help in person, or not willing to share ideas in a physical classroom.
  2. You may not have time to answer all questions in class.
  3. Use a simple forum in your Moodle Module Space to extend and open-up the discussion. Encourage students to help each other in the forum. Perhaps offer rewards to helpful students.
Solution overview

This is particularly effective if your aims is to keep things as simple and in-one-place as possible. You can control settings that limit file uploads, post length, and multimedia in posts. Students can be alerted to new posts by email, one at a time, or as a digest (e.g. weekly). Moodle provides some other types of forum for more specialist pedagogic purposes. For example, see the recipe for "create an online peer-learning cycle".

  1. Follow the link to Moodle Forum in the tools section below for more information.