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#69 - Use Padlet in Moodle to gather anonymous student feedback

  1. Students may feel constrained to contribute via a forum if their posts are not anonymised

  2. Moodle forums do not allow for anonymous posting
Solution overview

Padlet is an online noticeboard that has the option to have non-attributable 'posts' added.

This empowers students who might not otherwise engage due to concerns about privacy, to add their own feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

Padlets can be embedded into Moodle.

Warwick has its own Padlet at

Follow the process below which describes each step and provides links to our guides , associated recipes and other online help . For further assistance or more information use the 'Get Help' button above.

About this recipe
Difficulty Low
Time Low
Type: Solution
Tool(s) used: Padlet
Assessment method(s): Groupwork
Categories:Get feedback from students
Enhancement goals:Inclusive teaching

We rate this recipe as easy and quick to complete. It is a practical recipe with a documented end to end process.

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  1. Setup your Padlet account. Login at by clicking on the Login using Microsoft button and putting in your University of Warwick details in the format - this will redirect you to our Warwick Single Sign-on page.
  2. Create your Padlet by clicking on the Make a Padlet button.
  3. Embed your Padlet into Moodle Follow the instructions on the guide to use the embed code for your Padlet.
  4. Enable moderation following the How to Activate Post Moderation guide. If you need help moderating posts and want to add another moderator, find out more in the Add a moderator guide.
  5. Remind your students of the key elements of the Warwick Values and how these relate to online communication.