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Campus fault reporting

Please be aware that any faults logged via this form are reviewed from 8am-5pm Monday to Wednesday, and 8am-4pm on Thursday and Fridays. Any faults logged via this form outside these times will be reviewed on the next working day. Please do not provide any personal information on the fault report form.

If you require urgent assistance due to a fault in campus accommodation please contact Student Services. Outside of Student Services opening hours please contact Community Safety on 024765 22083 or 024 7652 2222 in an emergency.

If you are a student who is in self-isolation due to covid-19 and you report a fault, the maintenance team will only attend if it is urgent or deemed to be an emergency.

Please provide your telephone number when reporting the fault and notify your Residences Manager. We will make a note if the fault is to be attended to after your self-isolation period ends. You will not need to report it again.

Repair requests

If you have a request for a repair, you can complete an online fault report form. If the fault is urgent, for example a power failure, please also report the fault to Senate House Student Services on 024765 22280 during Student Services opening hours, or Community Safety on 024765 22083 (or 024 7652 2222 in an emergency) outside these hours.

Please note that the forms will only be checked between 8am-5pm Monday to Wednesday, excluding bank holidays and 8am - 4pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Faults reported after this time or over the weekend will not be reviewed until the next working day.


If you would like to report a fault with the heating in your campus accommodation, please ensure you read guidance about how the heating system operates before submitting your fault report.

Circuit Laundry (Rootes and Whitefields)

If you would like to report a fault with a Circuit Laundry machine, you can do so on the Circuit Laundry website. or call 01422 820040

WashPoint (All other residences)

To report a washer fault or breakdown, please call our service team on 08000 546 546 or send an email to


Faults that are likely to endanger life or cause structural damage to property must be reported immediately by telephone so we can respond quickly.

  • Gas leaks
  • Fire alarm system defects e.g. fire alarm panel is showing fault/ fault buzzer audible, physical damage to detector heads, sounders or manual call points, local failure of a sounder during an activation.
  • Fire extinguisher faults
  • Lift faults or persons trapped in a lift
  • Flood (internal or external)
  • Power failure
  • Structural damage
  • Major roof leaks
  • External water burst
  • Pipe leaks
  • Building security faults
  • Pest problems e.g. wasps

We have been working really hard to provide you with as close to 'normal' service from our estates department throughout, and in recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic but there has been some slight adjustments to the service levels we can offer you.

View our current (COVID) faults service levelLink opens in a new window. and our pre-COVID service levels here.Link opens in a new window

Report a fault

To complete an online report form, please select your hall.