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Undergraduate campus residences 2022/2023

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Arthur Vick

  • £207 per week
  • 35 week let
  • Central Campus
  • 396 rooms
  • En suite bathroom


  • £218 per week
  • 40 week let
  • Central Campus
  • 505 rooms
  • En suite bathroom


Cryfield Standard

Cryfield Townhouses

  • From £193 per week
  • 40 week let
  • Cryfield Village
  • 648 rooms
  • En suite bathroom


  • £168 per week
  • 40 week let
  • Lakeside Village
  • 701 rooms
  • En suite bathroom

Jack Martin

  • £185 per week
  • 35 week let
  • Central Campus
  • 425 rooms
  • En suite bathroom


  • £173 per week
  • 40 week let
  • Lakeside Village
  • 596 rooms
  • En suite bathroom


  • £111 per week
  • 35 and 40 week lets
  • Central Campus
  • 927 rooms
  • Shared bathroom


  • £180 per week
  • 40 week let
  • Lakeside Village
  • 794 rooms
  • En suite bathroom




Let lengths

Christmas vacation Easter
Beginning of summer
35 week Yes Yes No No
40 week Yes Yes Yes No
44 week Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Contracts start on either a Saturday or Sunday.
  • To make it easier when comparing fees across the halls, weekly let lengths have been rounded up to the nearest week.
  • If your contract does not include a particular vacation period, you will have to vacate your room and remove your belongings for the duration of this vacation period.
  • A 44 week contract includes an extra four weeks at the end of your contract over the summer.
  • If you are an incoming visiting or exchange student studying at Warwick for only one or two terms you will be given a contract only for the time you are at Warwick if you are offered accommodation.

Cleaning provision

  • All shared kitchens will be cleaned at least weekly and some of the larger kitchens shared by more students will benefit from additional cleaning.
  • The specific cleaning schedule is noted within each residence for further information.
  • No cleaning in studios or duplex studios.
  • No en suite bathroom cleaning.
  • Information about cleaning in shared bathrooms can be found here.
  • Please note, cleaning provision may change in line with Government guidance and may also be different in future years.

Building works

During the year there will be building works carried out across campus. This may affect some halls but every effort will be made to keep noise, disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.

Fees & payment

Accommodation fees are managed by Student FinanceLink opens in a new window. Here you'll find details of how and when to pay.

Financial support

Find out more information about funding optionsLink opens in a new window. Here you can find details of financial support such as scholarships and bursaries that may be available to help fund your study at Warwick as an undergraduate student.

Number of rooms

The number of rooms on hall pages describes the total number of rooms in the hall rather than the number allocated to undergraduate students.

Non standard rooms

If you are staying at Rootes or Westwood, you may be assigned a non standard room. A non standard room is smaller than a standard but has the same facilities, and your accommodation costs will be slightly less. It is not possible to select a non-standard room as a preference on your application form so please bear this in mind.