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Allocation Principles 2024/2025


New First Year Undergraduate and International Foundation Programme Students

New, full-time first year undergraduate and International Foundation Programme students (excluding MBChB students and degree apprentices) holding an offer of study at the University of Warwick for the 2024/2025 academic year are eligible to apply for accommodation.

Eligible students (including those who are restarting from year one of an undergraduate course) who meet all three of the following conditions will be guaranteed an offer of university-allocated accommodation which in the vast majority of cases will include a room in university-owned campus halls of residence or, in the event of very high demand, partnership accommodation.

To be guaranteed an offer of university-allocated accommodation as a new, full-time student you will have:

  1. Made Warwick your firm choice by 20 August 2024
  2. Submitted your accommodation application online by 20 August 2024
  3. Hold an unconditional offer of study at Warwick by 20 August 2024

In the event our university-owned campus halls of residence are fully allocated, you may be offered partnership accommodation. We will continue to allocate eligible students who apply after 20 August 2024 on a rolling basis, subject to availability, across our campus and partnership accommodation.


If you have deferred and will be starting your course in September 2024 you are covered by our university-allocated accommodation guarantee, but it is important that you apply online for accommodation and contact Warwick Accommodation by 20 August 2024 to confirm your arrangements. If you defer your place for entry in 2024 for 2025, you will need to reapply for accommodation in 2025 and you will not be able to carry over any offer of accommodation.

Students under 18

Only students aged 16 and over on 19 September 2024 will be considered for campus accommodation. Students who will be under 18 on 19 September 2024 and meet the guarantee conditions will be prioritised and allocated to an en suite hall in university owned campus halls of residence and will only be able to select en suite options for their hall preferences. Students who do not meet our guarantee conditions and will be under 18 on 19 September 2024 will be allocated campus accommodation on a rolling basis, subject to availability. Students aged 17on 19 September 2024 who would like to be considered for a shared bathroom hall (such as for financial reasons) need to email opens in a new window by 16 August 2024 and include their shared bathroom hall preferences.

Applying for accommodation

When applying online for accommodation you will need to select six campus accommodation preferences;

  • Three of these preferences can be en suite options.
  • You will need to select a minimum of three shared bathroom options. If you prefer, all your preferences can be shared bathroom options.
  • You can only select one 35-week let length en suite hall.
  • You are only able to select one preference from Cryfield Apartments,Cryfield Townhouses or Bluebell.

How we allocate

The majority of applications for students holding an unconditional firm offer are allocated through a computer ballot which aims to match students to one of their six campus hall preferences. This ballot will take place after 20 August 2024 for students who have met all three guarantee conditions outlined above, this will determine which halls students are allocated to or whether (in the event of very high demand) we will need to offer partnership accommodation.

Whilst your selected campus preferences are taken into account, there is no guarantee that you will be allocated to one of these. Around 60% of our campus is en suite and please be mindful that en suite demand can exceed availability. As you may be allocated to a shared bathroom hall, we would advise that you only select shared bathroom preferences that you would be happy with. Campus accommodation offers will be emailed in late August/early September.

In the event campus is fully allocated, you may be offered local partnership accommodation. It is also possible that accommodation options will be added or removed after you have notified us of your preferences, and you may be allocated to an option that was not advertised when your application was submitted.

Postgraduate Students

You are eligible to book campus accommodation if you are a first year or returning postgraduate taught (PGT) or postgraduate research (PGR) student with an offer of study on a full-time course at the University for the full 2024/2025 academic year.

Postgraduate accommodation is offered on a first-come first-served basis. As a full-time postgraduate student you are able to book a room, subject to availability, provided that you hold an unconditional firm offer of study at Warwick.

Campus accommodation

We have a number of options available for postgraduate students on campus and we aim to allocate as many postgraduates on campus as possible. If you book campus accommodation and your course of study commences before our earliest contract start date in Term One of the 2024/2025 academic year, you will need to source your own accommodation until you are able to move into your room on campus.

Booking a room

Eligible postgraduate students can book a room on campus using our online instant booking platform. You will be able to select the residence and type of room you would like to book. Depending on availability there may be rooms with a specific room profile assigned that can be selected during the booking process i.e. quiet or single gender area. On occasion rooms may become available on campus after it had been fully allocated. Should this happen, these campus rooms will reappear in the booking platform for eligible students to book.

In the event campus becomes fully allocated, we can offer guidance and support to students regarding their search for suitable accommodation.

Postgraduate students should ensure they note the exceptions listed below if they are studying on the Pre-Sessional English programme.

Exceptions (Undergraduate/International Foundation Programme and Postgraduate)

  • Accommodation eligibility criteria for students studying on the MBChB programme, a part-year course (including those on Degree Apprenticeships) or through the Student Mobility Department (including full and part year visiting exchange programmes) differ from the criteria outlined above. Students studying at Warwick through the Student Mobility Department can apply for campus accommodation, however this would not be guaranteed. Further guidance and information can be found on the Warwick AccommodationLink opens in a new window website.
  • Care leavers or estranged students may be eligible for 52-week campus accommodation for the duration of their studies. Please contact the Widening Participation team at opens in a new window for further information.
  • We prioritise trans students for en suite accommodation on campus, subject to availability. Undergraduate trans students should email us at opens in a new window once they have submitted an accommodation application online to request an en suite room. Postgraduate trans students who wish to be allocated to an en suite room on campus are encouraged to book directly through our online instant booking platform, subject to availability.
  • Students who have been supported for specific accommodation requirements will be allocated to a room suitable for their needs, subject to having followed the specific requirements processLink opens in a new window by the dates noted below. We are only able to guarantee we can accommodate specific requirements from the beginning of the contract if Wellbeing and Student Support have supported your application for specific requirements by 24 July 2024 for postgraduates and 09 August 2024 for undergraduates and students on the International Foundation Programme. Any applications for specific accommodation requirements received after these dates will be allocated subject to availability.
  • In order to be eligible for accommodation all students are required to have registered student status. Postgraduate students who fail the Pre-Sessional English programme will no longer have registered student status and as a result, will no longer be eligible for accommodation. In such cases, the offer of accommodation will be withdrawn, even if the student meets the remainder of their course conditions. Students who have already moved into their accommodation will be required to leave and will be charged for the period of their stay up until departure.
  • Family accommodation is managed by Staff and Family Accommodation and is covered by the Staff and Family Allocation Principles.