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Additional Costs of Study

A review was recently conducted of academic departments to find out as much as possible about additional costs you might need to pay as part of your degree. Costs highlighted by departments tended to be under £20, e.g. £10 for a calculator, £10 for theatre tickets, although in some cases they were higher, for instance highly recommended field trips in Life Sciences can amount to £50. Information about department specific costs should be read in conjunction with the more generic information provided below.

As well as tuition fees and living expenses, there are likely to be some extra things you will pay for whilst studying for your degree. Some of these will be optional (e.g. a book you wish to buy that isn’t on a reading list), and some will be compulsory (e.g. a trip that is part of the course).

Most students need to buy printer credits to pay for printing. Of course, the cost of this depends on what students decide they need to print, and this is likely to vary by course, although an analysis of printing demonstrates the majority of students spend between £10 and £30 per year on printing.

Thinking ahead, you might wish to consider the cost of having your dissertation bound and printed (up to £26 for binding, 4p for a black and white page, 15p for a colour page), or even the costs of robe hire for your degree ceremony (currently approximately £50 for first degree ceremonies; this cost is likely to be very similar for all ceremonies at higher education institutions as they tend to use the same suppliers).

Most compulsory or highly recommended costs will relate to the purchase of books, although some courses will have other specific costs such as a compulsory trip. If you have detailed questions about additional costs, please get in touch with staff in the relevant academic department, who will be able to help you.

When considering all the costs relating to your study, you should bear in mind that some courses require travel to placements or supervision. These costs will vary depending on the length of placement, and the distance and method of travel.

The University applies various re-examination fees to students who are required to be examined due to failure; these fees are published in Section 4.2 (3) of the University Calendar. Fees are currently £70 - £175, dependent on the degree programme.

Many students at Warwick spend some time studying abroad, sometimes as a compulsory part of their course, but often out of choice. Students pay a reduced fee to Warwick for participation in recognition of suport provided remotely, or a visit made by staff during the placement, but no tuition fee to the host university The costs of study abroad will vary depending of the country of study, the university, and the current exchange rate. Sometimes the extra costs can be surprising, such as compulsory travel passes or insurance, so it is worth investigating carefully. We have a series of web pages which flag compulsory costs of study at various institutions:

As a rough guide, here are two examples of what the cost of study abroad may cost for one term: