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Staff Directory

To call these numbers from outside the University, please add +44 (0)24 765 for those number starting with 2 or 7 +44 (0)24 761 for those numbers starting with 5.

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International Student Office Staff Directory

Education Policy & Quality: Complaints Resolution, Learning Gain, Monash Warwick Alliance ITLR

Student Careers & Skills Staff Directory 

Academic Registrar's Office
Fax Line     24751
Chris Twine   Academic Registrar 22785
Phil Griffiths   Administrative Officer to the Academic Registrar and Deputy Academic Registrar 50938
Alison Thomas   Departmental Administrator 75683
Michelle O'Keeffe   PA to Academic Registrar 75679
Maureen McLaughlin   Director of Education Policy and Quality  
Anne Molloy   PA to the Director of Education Policy and Quality (Monday - Wed am) 50939
Abigail Taylor   PA to the Director of Education Policy and Quality (Wed pm - Fri) 50939
Nathan Morris   Senior Assistant Registrar 23773
Alison Bell   Assistant Registrar 28441
Degree Apprenticeships
Sam Hardy   Head of Degree Apprenticeships 75497
Miranda Blofeld   Warwick Degree Apprenticeships Development Programme Project Officer 50621
Chrissie Elliot-Duxson   Warwick Degree Apprenticeships Development Programme Project Officer 50663
Darron Halsall   Third Party Contract Staff - Degree Apprenticeships  
Education Policy and Quality      
Katharine Gray   Acting Director of Teaching Quality 22707
Lauren Baker   Assistant Registrar 72521

Mahfia Watkinson

  Assistant Registrar (Teaching & Learning) 75472
Claudia Gray   Assistant Registrar (Teaching & Learning) 24812
Christine Vincent   Administrative Officer (Partnerships) 51237
Clare Watters   Assistant Registrar (Teaching & Learning) 51619
Fiona Groenhout   Assistant Registrar (Teaching & Learning) 50545
Dan Derricott   Acting Senior Assistant Registrar (Monitoring & Review) 28634
Geraldine Connelly   Acting Assistant Registrar (Monitoring and Review) 28635
Katharine Stratford   Administrative Officer (QA Reviews) 24347
Kam Johal   Administrative Officer (Complaints Resolution) 73214
Carla Stafford   Clerical Officer / Secretary to the Senior Assistant Registrar 22065
Helen Hotten   Clerical Officer (Academic Governance) 51699