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Campus Events

Eddie Izzard

External speakers

If you are organising either a student-run event where you are planning to invite speakers from outside the University, an institutional-level event (e.g. VIPs, MPs, media involvement etc) please complete and submit this application form, at least three weeks before the event is due to take place, to ensure there is sufficient time for planning and for the completion of a detailed risk assessment.

IMPORTANT: Completing and submitting the form does not mean it has been automatically been approved. If you are intending to invite speakers from outside the University, under the requirements of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, specifically the statutory Prevent Duty, the University is legally responsible for carrying out a risk assessment and to give its approval before a speaker or speakers are invited and before the event is advertised.

Failure to adhere to any of the requirements may result in refusal of your request.

Further guidance on the requirements of the Prevent Duty can be found here.

If you are organising an academic departmental event, or an event on behalf of Warwick Conferences, please complete an internal risk assessment and follow the requirements set out in Regulation 29.

Event on Piazza

Outdoor events

Any individual or group wishing to hold an outdoor event on University premises must complete and submit an application form, at least 28 days before the event is due to take place. This is because Campus is a busy place and there could be a number of other events running at the same time.

The form provides a check-list for organisers and the University to ensure due diligence and the safety of everyone involved, whilst also considering the needs and rights of other campus users and local residents.

The University reserves the right to impose any conditions that it may deem justifiable and appropriate, such as payment for extra security cover. It may also require the payment of a deposit, which will be refundable on the Registrar's satisfaction that the conditions have been met.

Approval to hold any outdoor event must not be assumed until confirmed by Campus Security.

For general enquiries relating to outdoor events on campus, please email security dot events at warwick dot ac dot uk.

All Students' Union societies must make contact with the Students' Union Activities team for approval to hold any outdoor event (including BBQs) in the first instance.

Bookings for space on The Piazza should be made directly via email to: piazza dot bookings at warwick dot ac dot uk.