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Events FAQs


I want to have a small residential barbecue, how do I book one?

Nearly every campus residence has a designated barbecue area that can be used by small groups of (a maximum of 20) students from that residence. If you want to hold a larger barbecue please contact to discuss whether you will need to complete an outdoor event form.

Before starting your barbecue you need to book an available time and you should refer to the guidelines for barbecuesLink opens in a new window on campus. These give you good advice and reminders about possible impacts of the event such as noise, safety, taking your rubbish away with you and respecting the environment.

The booking form is here: 

I want to hold a large scale barbecue (up to 300 or more attendees), how do I book this?

If you want to hold a large scale event, you will find the relevant information here: 

Catering, including alcohol

How do I book catering for my event?

There are a number of suppliers based at Warwick who are available to cater for your event. The easiest option is to use either Warwick Food and Drink or the SUs Refresh

Can I use external caterers?

Yes you can but you will need to provide the Universitys Health and Safety team with a copy of the caterers public liability insurance, their most recent Environmental Health report and a copy of their food hazard analysis procedure. More information can be found at this link:

I want to sell alcohol at my event/I want to give away alcohol at my event

The University of Warwick has a number of areas that provide a provision for the sale, service and consumption of alcohol and designated licensable activity. When organising an event on campus which involves the provision and consumption of alcohol, or licensable activity, you will need to take steps to ensure that all participants act appropriately, in line with the Licensing Act of 2003 (Law in 2005).

Any event with alcohol served in an open public space must be staffed, regardless of the number of attendees.

More information can be found here:

I want to hold a charity bake sale

To hold a charity bake sale on campus you will need to book a suitable space on campus and following the Charity Cake Sales food safety guidance found at the following link.

You should also inform the SU charities team that you intend to collect money on campus. They will be able to advise you on safe ways to do so. You can contact them here:

Events on the Piazza

How do I book an event space on the Piazza?

Events on the Piazza are booked and authorised through a separate process which can be found at the following address:

I want to use the Big Screen on the Piazza for my event, how do I book this?

If you want to use the Big Screen to support your society, department or event, please submit your proposed activity through the Digital Screens Content Submission Form:

Any content will need to meet the Big Screen Specifications, which can be found here:

External Speakers

What is an External Speaker?

An External Speaker is any non-Warwick staff member or student invited to speak to a gathering of people of any number on campus, or at a Warwick SU or University of Warwick branded event off campus. This includes where an External Speaker is invited to speak to people at any informal meeting, or society event short of a formal, ticketed and advertised event.

Why do I need to give 21 days’ notice?

We need 21 days’ notice as it is the University's and the SU’s statuary duty to assess every speaker that comes to campus under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 s.26(1), the “Prevent Duty”. Further guidance on the requirements of the Prevent Duty can be found here. The University works closely with the SU when it comes to external speaker events and the risk assessment process can take significant time to get right. We need to assess the risk at the event, ensure rooms are booked, security staff are available (if needed) and discuss any particulars with every party that needs to be involved.

Health and Safety / First Aid

How do I make sure my event is safe?

As the health and safety of your event attendees is paramount to holding a successful event, you need to complete a comprehensive risk assessment. This risk assessment will cover every risk to those involved in your event and what mitigations you will put in place to reduce said risk.

The risk assessment should be one of the very first things you complete when planning an event. If you require assistance in completing one, please contact or for advice.

Do I need 'first aiders' at my event?

Any person could fall ill or injure themselves while on campus and while attending events, so it is highly recommended that you have first-aid trained personnel at your event. This can be staff or students that are part of the organising team, or you could hire the St. John's Ambulance Service to attend your event.

If you can't have a first aider attend you event then if is useful to make a note of your nearest first aider by location. A list of all staff can be found here:

What do I do in an emergency?

If there is an emergency during your event, contact the Community Safety Control Room on ext: 22222 (02476522222).

It is recommended that all event organisers have the Community Safety team emergency number saved in their phones.

Can I use fireworks or sky lanterns on campus?

No. The University does not permit the use (or storage of) fireworks, similar pyrotechnics or sky Lanterns on University grounds or in University residences.

Risk Assessments

What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment is the process of assessing an activity or area in order to identify the hazards involved and the degree of risk arising from those hazards. For each and every hazard, the question to be asked is: ‘Is the level of risk, taking into account the existing control measures or precautions, acceptable?’ If the answer is 'NO', then more controls will be required. If the answer is 'YES', then those controls need to be implemented and monitored to ensure they remain in place and are working.

How do I complete the risk assessment?

How do I complete a risk assessment?

The University has helpful guides and a training moodle on risk assessments that can be found here:

The risk assessment process involves the following 5 steps:

  1. Identify the hazards
  2. Determine the people who might be affected - considering groups that could be at risk
  3. Assess the risks
  4. Decide whether further controls or precautions are needed
  5. Ensure that control measures are used and maintained.


I want to have a marquee for my event, how do I book this?

There are currently two approved suppliers for marquees/temporary structures. They are Fews Marquees Ltd and Relocatable Ltd. If you want to hire a marquee for an event, it is recommended that you contact both suppliers and request a quote. Their contact details can be found here:

The Method Statement proposed by the chosen supplier to secure the items to the ground MUST be provided to the Estates department. This should confirm the presence, or otherwise, of any underground services (water and gas pipes, and electricity and/or IT cabling) at the proposed event location. Written evidence must be provided that shows that there are no risks to services within striking depth of any fixings (e.g. tent stakes). Without this, the event cannot be authorised. To get the necessary information on the location of underground services, please submit a request for the information via the Estates online helpdesk.

Please ensure that you read the university guidance on fire safety with regards to temporary structures: Fire Safety AdviceLink opens in a new window

Please attach a plan to the request, which shows the area where you would like the event to take place.

Note 1. The request for information from Estates can be made in advance of the application submission.

Note 2. Events held on Senate Lawn cannot be in excess of 500m2 in total. This is due to its use as an emergency assembly point.

Can I use a different company?

Yes but you will need to have them approved as a supplier before they can conduct any work on campus. This can take a significant amount of time depending on the works to be conducted so please begin the process a minimum of 6 weeks before your event. To start the process please visit the guidance page:

Music / Noise

People should not be exposed to sound levels greater than 85 dB(A) for prolonged periods of time.

It is strongly recommended that attendees are not exposed to sound levels above 85 dB(A), otherwise the following notice must be displayed: "Patrons are reminded that high sound levels will damage their hearing. This event is operating above 85 dB(A)".

Sound levels in nearby residences should be below 30 dB(A), if sleep is not to be disturbed.

All events requiring approval and involving amplified sound or other increased noise, will be entirely at the discretion of Community Safety department.

The person responsible for managing the sound must be clearly identified to the Community Safety team , including the provision of a contact number for the duration of the event.

The Community Safety team have the right to request that excessive noise volumes are reduced. In the unlikely event of a refusal to reduce noise levels to an acceptable level, the Community Safety team have the right to cancel the event. This is to ensure the safety of those present and to be considerate to others not attending the event.

Power and services, including gas

The Estates department can support and provide the provison of power and water to most events. To request assistance please contact the Estates Service desk with your requirements.


I want stewards to supervise my event

You are able to hire stewards from any university approved supplier, such as Stadium, or you are able to provide you own stewards. These stewards will need to be trained and briefed on the event in full, including being fully aware of the risk assessment and appropriate risk mitigations. It is advised that you ensure all stewards have access to the Community Safety control room phone numbers (non-emergency: 024765 22083 and emergency: 027465 22222) and a way to contact the main event organiser on the day.


Some events will have tickets to control numbers of attendees, restrict the event to Warwick staff and students only or to cover the costs of the event. SU societies can advertise free or paid tickets through the SU by contacting the Student Activities Team.

Departments and other event organisers can set up registration pages or advertise on external websites like Eventbrite.

Warwick Student Union Society Events

I am planning an event and I am part of a SU Society, what support can I get from the SU?

The Student Activities Team in the SU can provide a wide range of support including assistance with the planning of your event and room bookings. A rundown of all the help they can provide can be found here:

What are my responsibilities as the event organiser?

What am I responsible for?

As event organiser, you are responsible for ensuring that overall safety at the event is maintained so that as far as reasonably practicable, people setting up, breaking down and attending the event are not exposed to risks to their health and safety.

You are also responsible for the completion of a risk assessment but also the management of the controls stated in the risk assessment on the day. You must ensure that competent persons are conducing any work in a safe manner, as per the risk assessment.

You will need to be contactable at all times during your event (or you can nominate someone in your place) so that the Community Safety Team, the SU, Estates or any other involved party has a direct line in case of emergency or in case of questions.

What are the outdoor event locations?

Where can I hold my event?

There are lots of spaces around campus for events to be held, it all depends on the size and scope of your event. Popular outdoor spaces include the Oculus field, Windmill hill and the Piazza. Each space has different use cases and further information can be found here: 

In addition to the above, the Estates department has carried out external space reviews on the following locations, including health and safety information, available services and site maps. Documents detailing this can be requested by contacting

External space review locations: Claycroft, Frisbee Field, Oculus Field, Senate Lawn, Westwood Bandstand, Windmill Hill and the Piazza.

What if i'm planning a major event?

If you are planning a major event, the first step would be to contact to inform them of your intentions. They will then be able to advise you on the most suitable next step of the process.