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The Community Safety department operates a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system across campus for the purpose of preventing and detecting crime to protect the University community. CCTV footage may be disclosed to the police to investigate incidents in accordance with the conditions set out within the Information Commissioner's guidelines.

The University complies with the GDPR and all requests for footage from University CCTV cameras must comply with this legislation. In many cases, the information captured on CCTV cameras will not be personal data because it does not identify people in the images and cannot be linked to any information which identifies those people. In these cases, the GDPR will not apply.

The University observes the Information Commissioner's CCTV Code of Practice on CCTV usage. The Code of Practice covers the quality, storage, retention, use, disclosure and access rights to CCTV images.

For further information about data protection and CCTV usage, please see the Information Commissioner's Office websiteLink opens in a new window.

To report a fault with CCTV equipment, please contact the Community Safety Control Room on extension 22083 from an internal phone, or 024 7652 2083 from an external phone or mobile.

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