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WorkReady Work Experience Toolkit

WorkReady Work Experience Toolkit

WorkReady guides you on your work experience journey and gets you ready for graduate jobs.

The toolkit can help you:

  • search for work experience
  • build confidence to contribute effectively to work
  • reflect on your experience, organisational awareness and skills gained.

Start by evaluating where you are with the 2-question Milestone form.

Or jump straight in: choose your work experience stage below.

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Your WorkReady journey

Assess where you are in your WorkReady journey and access the relevant stage for you.

Getting Started

I want to find work experience.

  • Exploring my preferences to search for relevant opportunities
  • Finding work experience
  • Acing applications and interviews!

Getting Ready

I've secured work experience.

  • Getting ready for my work experience
  • Making the most of my experience
  • Building evidence for future roles

Getting Ahead

I've done work experience.

  • Evaluating my experience and skills
  • Assessing my goals and their impact
  • Applying my experience to further my career

How do I use WorkReady?

We're here if you need us

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