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Your Wellbeing

This page helps you understand how you might feel at different points of your work experience journey and the support you can access. The feelings outlined in each area are not exhaustive or exclusive to a particular part of your work experience; you may experience some, all or none, and may have other feelings too. There is no right or wrong.

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Finding work experience

This can be a busy time as you juggle study and other commitments. It’s normal to feel anxious or stressed and important to remember to take care of yourself.

Consider any needs you have or anything that may impact upon your wellbeing at the earliest opportunity to give yourself time to prepare.

Waiting for a response to applications or interviews can be frustrating or even demotivating. You may succeed with your first application or it may take several attempts to secure work experience.

Coping with rejection is a normal part of the application process and whilst it can be demoralising, you can learn to bounce back and succeed with future applications.

Preparing for and during work experience

A change in your day-to-day routine can often bring on different feelings; you may feel excited, nervous or a bit out of your depth as you prepare for and go on work experience. Accept that you’re embarking on something new and different. It’s natural to feel out of your comfort zone so a little apprehension is to be expected, which is likely to reduce as you get into the role.

There is also the University’s safe and confidential Report and Support serviceLink opens in a new window if you experience any kind of unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, and need advice or someone to talk to.

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Illustration of a person walking outside

After work experience

Think about the experience: what has gone well, skills you have gained, objectives you have achieved, and anything that did not turn out as expected. When things turn out well, we can feel inspired and motivated but less so if the experience didn’t turn out as expected. If this is the case, it’s normal for our mood to be affected.