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Foundations of Wellbeing

Foundations of Wellbeing

  • The term wellbeing covers a lot of different parts of our lives - physical, social, emotional, academic.
  • Each of these are interlinked and one or all can impact how we feel both physically and mentally.
  • The best first step to looking after your wellbeing, is to remember the basics. Below are some of the foundations of good wellbeing:

Get enough sleep

The NHS recommends between 6-9 hours for adults. Sleep aids memory, information recall and helps to maintain good physical and mental health.


Make time time to stop and eat regular, healthy meals. Your body and your brain need fuel.

Stay active

Physical activity helps to reduce stress levels and makes us feel better. It also helps with sleep and to think more clearly.

Take time out to relax

Breaks are important and necessary to keep up with workload. Spend time doing something you enjoy and just take a moment to pause – reading, socialising, listening to music or podcasts.