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Car Parking: Accessibility

 Blue badge holders

Registered Disabled Blue Badge holders have the same rights on the University campus as they have on the public highway.

Parking on Campus is free for blue badge holders displaying a valid blue badge. There are accessible parking spaces near all buildings on Campus, and blue badge holders may also use a standard parking space unless it has been reserved. Please follow the instructions below on how to obtain free blue badge parking; you will still be required to display your blue badge when parking in an accessible parking space.

Blue badge holders may exceed the published limit in time restricted parking bays in Health Centre Road (20 minutes). Please note this does not apply to the Sports & Wellness Hub blue badge car park which is operated by the facility itself and you will need to follow the instructions provided within the car park to receive complementary 4 hours free parking.

How will it work?

Everything you need to use this service can be easily organised through the APCOA website by selecting the button below.

You will need to create an account and upload details of your blue badge, requesting parking to our site using the location code 2503 (excludes Sports & Wellness Hub). A step-by-step guide can also be viewed below to help you through the process, although we hope you will find it easy to navigate. Your application will then be reviewed within 48 hours and once approved, you can register a permit to park on our site free of charge.

If you have more than 1 vehicle, please contact us at to register additional vehicles. You may only park 1 vehicle on campus at any time and your vehicle must display a valid blue badge.

Map of blue badge bays on campus

View map of blue badge bays in a larger map.
General blue badge parking
Barrier controlled blue badge parking
Facility operated blue badge parking

Accessibility and Reasonable Adjustments


If you're a member of salaried staff currently experiencing challenges with campus car parking on medical or disability grounds, you may be considered for a temporary special arrangement. To discuss this further, you'll need a referral from your manager or HR to Occupational Health Services to undergo a medical assessment.


Consideration will be given under the following circumstances on a case by case basis if you can provide appropriate medical or other supporting evidence of your medical condition or disability for temporary short-term support with parking:

  1. That you are waiting for an assessment for a blue badge. Information about applying for a Blue Badge is available on the Citizens Advice websiteLink opens in a new window.
  2. If you have a temporary condition which is impacting your physical capacity, you will need to request a referral to Occupational Health through your line manager or HR.

Consideration will not be given based on ability to carry items if there is no other underlying health reason which prevents you from making use of arrangements such as:

  • The drop off points near buildings to load and unload your vehicle.
  • Use of a trolley or wheeled case to carry or move items around.


If you are a student in the process of applying for a blue badge and you are currently experiencing challenges with campus car parking on disability grounds, please contact Wellbeing Support Services via the Wellbeing PortalLink opens in a new window and email StudentParking at warwick dot ac dot uk to discuss alternative temporary options. You will be required to submit evidence of your blue badge application and date of assessment. Please note that any arrangements made will only be temporary until the outcome of your blue badge application has been determined.

If you do not hold a blue badge, in exceptional circumstances where it is essential for you to drive and you meet the relevant criteria with appropriate evidence, you may be considered on a case by case basis for support with student parking (financial factors excluded). Please visit the Support with Student Parking pages for further information.

Any problems?

If you experience any difficulties with using the APCOA connect parking service, you can reach APCOA hereLink opens in a new window between 9am - 8pm, Monday - Friday.

If you have a query not related to APCOA connect, you can contact us Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm and Friday between 9am - 4pm as follows:

(02476 5) 22206