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Car parking: Electric vehicles

Important Notices


The tender for an EV parking solution has been awarded to both replace and install additional units. The University is working with the provider in developing a programme of works and expected timelines. We will provide all updates as soon as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I report an issue with the current electric vehicle charging unit?

Please submit the location of the car park, unit number and description of the issue to the Transport & Mobility team at to ensure we are able to monitor the progress of the repairs whilst the programme of works in underway. Reporting processes may change once the new solution is implemented.

 When will the new electric vehicle charging solution be implemented?

The University is working with the provider to develop a programme of works. All updates will be provided on our website once arrangements have been confirmed.

We want to support the growing number of people who use energy-efficient electric vehicles. That’s why we provide free electricity in our charging points within several locations on campus.

As our infrastructure develops and demand for charging points increases, we intend to introduce more of them to the University, settling on a standard set of chargers, although in the meantime we are trialling various chargers.

Kirby Corner Car Park

New Sevadis Maxicharger units have been installed in Kirby Corner car park. 10 dual units are available: 2 in the row of disabled parking, with one space now reserved for EV charging only; and 9 dual units in the opposite parking row, with all 18 bays reserved for EV charging only.

As these units have only recently been replaced, we are in the process of adding onsite instructions. To use these units you’ll need to:

Monta logo

Join a team

Enter a code universi-2166

Scan QR code


Download the Monta app on Google PlayLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window or the App StoreLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window and create an account


Select “Teams” within the Chargers option


Select the join option, entering join code:



You’re now registered to use the EV charging network! Scan the QR code on the unit or type the unit number to manage your charging sessions.

If you have an existing Sevadis RFID card or keyring tag with an 8, 14 or 20 character serial number, you may also pair this to your account via NFC, charge point reader or manually entering the number. Please follow the instructions here on how to link your Sevadis RFID card/keyring tagLink opens in a new window. Please note we do not provide new Sevadis RFID cards and these instructions are for existing holders.

BP Pulse

The maximum allocation for BP Pulse RFID cards has been provided. If you have made a previous submission and have not received a card you will be notified when this is ready for collection. We will no longer be able to issue any more RFID cards to new applicants pending the outcome of the University tender for a single EV charging provider. units

We have 3 EV charging units on Westwood Campus, in the car park over the road from the Avon Building (as shown on our map).

To use these units you’ll need to:

  • Register with online. The campus units are free to use, but you will need to register for a free plan, which does involve registering details of a valid debit or credit card.
  • Once you’ve parked, check the number on the unit you’re connected to, and visit (putting the number where the Xs are). Enter your details there, and the unit will start charging your vehicle.

Monthly plans are also available if you also intend to use units elsewhere. For more information, see

Thinking of going electric?

If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle, please let us know via our form below. This will help us to understand the levels of demand and develop our campus accordingly. We also welcome any feedback on the existing facilities.

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.

Map of EV facilities

EV Charging Points

Click for full sized map.