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Car parking: overnight

Standard overnight parking

Overnight parking is available in the Central Campus multi-storey car parks 8 & 15. The following rules apply:

  • There is no charge for parking overnight between 6pm and 6am.
  • If you have a University permit, you should display it at all times when parking on campus.
  • If you use pay and display, a full-day ticket will be valid until 00:00 hours. If you park overnight, you must move your car by 6am when parking becomes chargable again.
  • If you use flexi-pay scratch cards and intend to leave your car beyond 6am, then you must display a scratch card with that date scratched off. For example, if you arrive at 10am on a Tuesday and intend to park until 5pm on the following day, you would need to display 2 flexi-pay scratchcards, one showing Tuesday and one showing the Wednesday. You can display a maximum of 2 flexi-pay scratchcards.

To support the Library's 24/7 opening hours, the pay and display machines in the Car Park 8 provide the option of buying 24 hour, 3 day and 5 day tickets.

Learning Grid

If you need to stay past midnight to work in the Learning Grid at University House, please move your car to the visitor car park at the front of University House, and inform the on-duty porter. You'll need to move the car by 6am.

Other car parks

If you need to park overnight on campus in any other car park, contact to make arrangements with us.

Unapproved vehicles left parked overnight in other car parks will be issued with a notice as stated on the parking terms and conditions and given a parking charge notice of £70.

Restricted bays

When parking overnight, the same rules as usual apply to restricted bays. If your car is found parked in a disabled parking space, or in a designated Car Share space within restricted hours, you may receive a parking charge notice. Please see our parking terms and conditions for more information.