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Parking: Book an SU pool permit

Rules: Read before booking

This is a flexible societies and clubs permit only, for essential vehicle use on an ad hoc basis.

When you book, you must specify:

  • Your contact details
  • Which society or sports club you're booking the permit for
  • Why you're booking the permit

You can pick the permit up from Campus Security at The Gatehouse on University Road after 9am. You'll need to return the permit to The Gatehouse by 5pm. If you need to arrange for a later return than this, please contact the Parking team:

We will monitor your use of the permit. If we find that you are not using it for society or sports club-related purposes in the vehicle specified, we will report this to the Students' Union in the first instance for consideration of removal due to abuse.

We reserve the right to reject any booking made.

The booking system below may be a little confusing - it's set up to allow booking of a pool permit for a full day only, but will show as if you were booking from 9 to 10am. Ignore the times - you will have the permit booked for the full day in question.

You will need to sign in to make bookings.
Mon, Mar 25 Tue, Mar 26 Wed, Mar 27 Thu, Mar 28 Fri, Mar 29
3 bookings made and 10 available
2 bookings made and 11 available
1 booking made and 12 available
1 booking made and 12 available
1 booking made and 12 available