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These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will hopefully answer any questions you may have. However, if there's anything you are unsure of after reading through the information please email with your question.

I have more than one vehicle - what can I do?

You can register up to 4 vehicles on your parking permit. You can then switch between these through the online permit system by selecting "Change active vehicle" and setting it to the one you're parking on campus. You need to do this whenever you change vehicle - if you don't change your active vehicle, you may receive a Parking Charge Notice.

Am I guaranteed a parking space if I have a permit?

Owning a parking permit doesn’t guarantee you a parking space on campus but we have always accommodated permit holders. There is a legal limit, agreed with local authorities, on the number of spaces we can build overall, so we use this limit flexibly to provide as much parking as we can in such a way as to meet the needs of the widest range of people possible across campus within the limits we must observe.

I can’t find a space – what do I do?

We’ve put into place a system of yellow AA signs along campus roads indicating which car parks are full to save you driving round them looking for a space. If you can’t find one as close to your building as you’d like, you may need to look further afield on Westwood Campus or at Lynchgate Car Park (accessible via Lynchgate Road), using the yellow signs to guide your decision making. There is a regular free shuttlebus service with stops close to many car parks on campus, and there are cycle hire stations to help you get to your destination if it’s too far to walk. If all else fails, ask the attendant at one of the multi-storey car parks or call the parking office on 22206/09.

I start work later than most people – are there any special arrangements for me?

We’re not able to offer specific parking arrangements depending on what hours you work. The start and finish times of employees varies a great deal depending on which part of the University you work for and your own personal circumstances. The only fair and realistic way to allocate spaces is on a first-come-first-served basis.

I only work part time… do I have to pay full price?

Not if you’re a salaried member of staff – the deduction from your salary will be calculated based on what % full time you work. Non-salaried staff are charged on a monthly basis.

I’m going on maternity/paternity leave – what arrangements are in place to support me?

When salaried staff go on maternity/paternity/ long term sick leave, you can cancel your permit and re-apply for one when you return. Alternatively, you can leave your permit, and deductions will continue while you are receiving pay from the University, but will stop when you are only receiving statutory payments.

What do you spend the money you make from car parks on?

We spend it on maintaining and managing the car parks, and we invest it in sustainable alternatives to driving to work alone – cycling, buses and car sharing.

What if I no longer need my car parking permit (for example, if I don’t need it over the summer)?

You can cancel your permit online at any time. Cancellations will take effect in the following month's payroll.

What if I reduce/increase my hours of work, do I need to adjust my parking permit?

If your role is in grades 1 to 9, on clinical or non-FA contracts this will be actioned automatically by payroll once officially informed of the change to your terms and conditions of employment.

I have two contracts at two different grades. What rate of car park charge applies to me?

The rate of your car park permit will be based on your main contract. Your main contract is normally the contract that you were employed on initially with the University, however, if you are unsure in any way, please contact the HR department.

Can we expect to see car parking charges increase again in 2019?

We will review all parking prices every year.

What happens if I cease to be employed by the University?

Your car parking permit deductions from salary will automatically terminate in the month you leave the University. You will pay your full monthly instalment in your final month.

For non-salaried staff, reimbursements can be provided by submitting an online cancellation request to the email

When I cancel my permit, how long does it remain valid for?

Cancellations will be processed on the last day of the calender month, regardless of the date of cancellation. For example, if a permit is cancelled on 15 October, the permit will be valid until 31 October and the charge for the whole of October will apply. We do not issue partial refunds.