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Car parking: Plans and development

As our University continues its growth and development over the coming years, we will adapt our campus parking infrastructure to meet the changing needs of our community. We will also keep users informed of changes and alternatives.


We are permitted by our local authorities in Coventry and Warwickshire to have a fixed number of car parking spaces on campus. The majority are for staff permit-holders, and for visitors such as conference attendees, and people who come to the Warwick Arts Centre or Sports facilities. We cannot provide routine parking for students, who we encourage to use public transport or other methods to reach campus.

Long-term plan

Our vision for the development of car parking on campus is to:

  • Move the majority of parking close to major roads, making it easier for drivers to access and exit campus
  • Improve pedestrian, cycle and shuttlebus access between car parks and key buildings across campus
  • Operate parking management systems for quick access, and provide real-time information on availability of spaces

This has the following benefits for our campus and the local area:

  • Traffic is reduced on campus and the local roads, creating a better environment
  • Older car parks, which are inefficient in their use of space, are cleared to make way for new developments or enhanced public space for University members and local residents to enjoy

Lynchgate and Kirby Corner are the first two strategic multi-storey car parks on the highway periphery.


Our map shows where we are planning peripheral parking locations around campus.

Click/tap for full size:

Map of potential future car park locations