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With us, anything is possible

Your conference, training and meeting needs are changing.

Serving them involves a fundamental shift: delivering an experience rather than a space and having a view about the world we operate in. We do both.

“Anything is possible” is much more than a motto, it’s based on careful research and considerable experience.

Understanding your needs

It's important to us that we understand the industry, the state of the events market as well as our customers and delegates needs. That's why we continually invest in commissioning market research.

We also invest in extensive quantitative and qualitative research to understand our customers needs and wants from venues within the industry.

No hidden costs

Over half of managers and a quarter of event bookers say they’ve received an invoice that exceeded the price they were expecting. This is by an average of 25% of the original quote.

Almost three-quarters of delegates say they’ve also had to pay for extra items, such as lunch, parking and Wi-Fi. Our packages include lots of items that other venues charge extra for so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to your invoice.


Three-quarters of conference delegates say they’ve been disrupted at an event. A third said it was by technology, another third by noise, and over a quarter by non-business guests.

We’re a dedicated-conference venue focused on meetings, training and events. So we know how to create a distraction-free environment where guests can fully focus.

Thought Leaders

Based on the insight we gather from our market research, we are constantly reviewing what our customers want and value, and shaping our offer to fit just that.

We are also thought leaders in our own right. So want to know how to create a food menu to maximise satisfaction and energy? Ask us. What matters most in a meeting environment? We have a view and our feature rooms are testament to that.

Investing, not profiting

As part of The University of Warwick we’ve always been about investing and not profiting. Our surplus is reinvested back into teaching and learning, as well as research.

The environment

We're focussed on sustainability and always thinking about how to evolve our offer.

Our new venue, The Slate, is BREEAM architecture. Our food offer is sourced from leading local suppliers. We aim to deliver more with less of an impact on the environment.