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Environmental initiatives

We are committed to the environment. This involves an ongoing improvement plan to look at best practice throughout our industry.

As part of the University of Warwick community, we aim to innovate and explore new ways of reducing the negative impacts our business may have on the environment.

Environmental updates

Get updates and news on the University of Warwick’s Environmental Initiatives.

Benefiting the Planet

Our Environment Committee handles putting ideas into action. It consists of committed staff from each of our venues working with other University of Warwick departments and external companies.

Meeting on a regular basis, they discuss the many different environmental issues which affect us and make decisions on future developments.

With this in mind, we encourage all our customers and staff to remember two key ideas; "reduce, reuse and recycle" and "switch it off".

Want to know further how you can help make a difference to the planet? See our responsible visitor charter PDF file.

Encouraging green travel

Public transport, car share or by any other means. We encourage our guests to consider more environmentally friendly means of travelling to and from events.

The University of Warwick is well connected and has transport links from London, Birmingham and Coventry City Centre.

The local towns of Kenilworth and Leamington Spa are also within easy travelling distance.

Consider offsetting

Have you considered making your journey or event Carbon Neutral? We can help here. No meeting room paper. No housekeeping service. No individual tea and coffee tray.

Get in touch to see what your environmental impact is and choose from a range of options to help reduce or offset this.

Soil Association

We have Bronze level accreditation with the Soil Association’s Food For Life Catering Mark. This demonstrates our commitment to ethical, sustainable and fresh food.

Our lunch and dinner menus have met these standards, which means:

  • At least 75% of dishes on its menus are freshly prepared from unprocessed ingredients
  • We buy all meat from farms, satisfying UK Animal Welfare standards
  • No fish is served from the Marine Conservation Society ‘fish to avoid’ list
  • Eggs are from free range hens
  • No undesirable additives or artificial trans fats are used
  • No genetically modified ingredients are used
  • Free drinking water
  • Menus are seasonal and all in-season produce is highlighted
  • Information is on display about food provenance
  • Menus provide for all dietary and cultural needs

Green Tourism

We're part of the world's largest sustainable certification programme Green Tourism. Find out our Green Tourism grading for each of our venues:

  • The Slate - Gold

  • Scarman - Silver
  • Radcliffe - Silver
  • Arden - Silver