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Creating a winning culture through L&D

Hybrid event: Creating a winning culture through L&D

Watch the event now

A recording of the 'Creating a winning culture through L&D' webinar is now available to view.

Renowned learning & development specialist, Nick Shackleton-Jones explains the importance of delivering a ‘Return on Experience’ through onboarding and training programmes.

In this 60-minute webinar, Nick Shackleton-Jones explains how L&D teams can come together to establish workplace cultures that help retain staff and create experiences that last.

Topics covered

Hear Nick explains a range of topics including:

  • Why we struggle to see a return on expectations
  • A new model of learning
  • Human-centred learning design
  • Examples of award-winning onboarding work

About the event

Workplace culture has changed. The shift toward hybrid working has seen a major shift in how employers engage with their team, from the onboarding process right through to learning and development programmes. On top of this, recent research by PwC suggests that 20% of UK workers expect to leave their current job for a new employer in the next 12 months.

This has resulted in a need for businesses to reset their thinking, designing workplace programmes – and therefore cultures – to focus on experiences. While this is a big challenge facing most organisations, it also serves as an opportunity for learning & development departments. How can programmes change to meet the current needs of today’s workforce? And what role should learning & development play?

We host learning & development specialist, Nick Shackleton-Jones, as he unlocks the unique challenges and pressures facing the industry through real life examples.

About Nick Shackleton-Jones

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the CEO and Founder of Shackleton Consulting. Offering leading thinking and proven expertise, Nick has helped organisations measurably improve the performance and experience of their employees through a revolutionary approach to L&D. Those attending in-person will also have the opportunity to take part in an intimate Q&A session.

About Warwick Conferences

This is Warwick Conferences’ latest event to help support learning & development professionals navigate the ever-changing challenges facing their day-to-day work. Earlier this year, we partnered with the Learning & Performance Institute and professionals across the industry to debate the latest trends and challenges.

Last year, we also launched the L&D Barometer. Working with the ROI Institute, this first-of-its-kind tool helps industry professionals measure the impact of an L&D programme.