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Faculty of Arts Building (FAB) – 5th Floor Terrace (FFFT) and rooms 5.01 / 5.02 / 5.03 – Booking Process during Term Time

Background Information:

  • Rooms 5.01/5.02 and 5.03 are managed by CTTR from a booking process.
  • The Terrace is managed by Warwick Conferences (WC).
  • Availability of the Terrace during term time is limited to the days and times below:
    • Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm
    • Wednesday afternoon between 1-5pm
    • Friday evening from 6pm
    • Saturday and Sunday – all day and evening
    • Any time during the last week of term (week 39) – w/c 26th June 2023
  • H & S have specified that all events taking place on the Terrace are managed by WC, hence the reason for the charge for the use of the space.
  • Access to the Terrace is via FAB 5.03 and will be arranged as part of the booking with WC.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited on the Terrace.
  • Closing time for any event is 11pm – this is non-negotiable.
  • 5.01/5.02/5.03 combined capacity is 88. Standard set-up is for teaching during term time as below:
    • 5.01 – Cabaret x 30
    • 5.02 – Open square x 18
    • 5.03 – U Shape x 40 (this is one U Shape inside another larger U Shape)
  • Maximum capacity at any one time for the Terrace is 60 – external furniture limit is 48.
  • There is no external lighting at present, however there is ambient lighting from the adjoining rooms.
  • Minimum set-up and de-rig time is 1 hour prior and after the event. This will depend on the requirements.

Booking Process:

  • Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the booking to allow planning of staff support and Risk Assessment. The internal department making the booking will need to complete a Risk Assessment for the use of the Terrace.
  • Prior to making a booking for the Terrace, the customer will need to book 5.01/5.02 and 5.03 with CTTR. If one of these rooms is not available, the Terrace is not available.
  • Food & drink requests need to be sent to Warwick Food & Drink (WFD) - or by e mail


  • Standard room hire for use of the Terrace during term is £500.00 and this cost covers:
    • Managing booking process.
    • Supervision by a member of Conferences’ staff for the use of the Terrace – access/close, Health & Safety and guidance.
    • Control of the event in terms of use, numbers, licensing (security still required if deemed appropriate).
    • Guidance on fire evacuation procedures.
    • Standard set up of the three room as per term time layout as above.
    • The standard room hire is for a period of up to 4hrs. If the event will last for longer than 4hrs:
      • £850 for an event up to 8hrs in length
      • For any event more than 8hrs please request at the time of booking
  • If the room requires changes to layout, furniture etc., this would be an additional cost, if the client moves furniture, then they will be responsible for returning to its original state at the end of the event. If the furniture is not returned to the term time layout then an additional charge will be added post event.


FAB – 5th Floor, Terrace (FFFT) and rooms 5.01 / 5.02 / 5.03 and the Terrace during Vacation

Additional Background Information:

  • Easter & Summer Vacation (also includes week 39) – all three rooms and the Terrace are managed by Warwick Conferences.
  • All three rooms and Terrace can be booked at any time of the day / evening according to availability (closing time of the event is still 11pm).

Booking Process

  • Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event to allow planning of staff and Risk Assessment - the internal department making the booking will have to complete a Risk Assessment.
  • All bookings for the rooms or the Terrace should be made via the Warwick Conferences Sales Office by e mail:


  • Minimum cost for the booking of the Terrace will be £500 as this includes all costs as per the term time booking process.
  • Additional costs will apply dependant on the layout required within the rooms and any food and drink requirements.
  • All food and drink requirements will be managed as part of the booking for the spaces.