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Parking spaces at Warwick Conferences

Scarman | Radcliffe

Car parking is available at Scarman and Radcliffe and is included in your booking. It is complimentary to delegates attending meetings or staying overnight.

The Slate

Car parking is included for all delegates attending an event at The Slate. There are no additional costs.

The location of parking will be determined on when your event is taking place and will be communicated by your Event Manager.

You may be required to pre-register online for your parking. A link will be sent in advance if you are required to do so.

Central Campus Venues logo

If you are attending an event at Central Campus Venues, limited parking is available on the central university campus.

Your event organiser will provide you with a link to allow you to pre-book your parking permit, which will need to be completed at least three days prior to your event, printed before you arrive on campus and displayed in your vehicle.

If you do not book parking in advance, you can use one of the pay by phone car parks on campus, subject to availability. The following charges are applicable:

Weekday parking charges

  • Up to 2 hours - £2.00
  • Up to 3 hours - £3.00
  • Up to 4 hours - £4.00
  • Full day (until 6am the next day) - £7.00

Weekend and evening parking charges

  • Evenings - £1.00 from 5.00pm-6.00am*
  • Weekends - £1.00 until 6am the following day

*if you have bought an all-day ticket this includes the evening and you do not need to buy another ticket.

General parking FAQs

I'm staying as a bed and breakfast guest. Is car parking free?

Bed and breakfast guests staying at Scarman or Radcliffe can park for free providing they register their vehicle with reception during check-in. No permit is required.

B&B guests staying at Central Campus Venues still have to pre-register for parking as detailed above.

How do I access the car parks?

Scarman and Radcliffe have entrance barriers that open on approach.

If you are staying at Central Campus Venues, the car parks are easily accessible with no barriers in place.

Do I need anything to exit the car park?

Guests staying at Scarman and Radcliffe will need a code from reception to input into the exit barrier on departure.

There are no barriers in place at other venue car parks.

Are there accessible parking spaces?

All car parks across our conference centres and the campus have dedicated accessible spaces available.

I drive an electric car. Are there charging points?

There is a charging point for electric vehicles at Scarman and Radcliffe. Charging points are also available across Central Campus Venues.