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Making Anything Possible: Guest Blog, FBA

Anything is possible at Warwick Conferences

The first challenge was the common misconception that university conference facilities were second best, but with Warwick Conferences’ new refurbishments and game changing new venue we knew this wasn’t true. The team were also looking to ramp up their number of corporate clients, with most of their existing clients coming from the academic world. So, the decision was made to review their brand and position, and develop something that not only challenged preconceptions of university conference venues, but also the status quo of the industry.

We started by analysing the research Warwick Conferences had conducted on the future of conferencing and events. What really stood out for us was that 75% of meeting planners were focusing more on experience creation, not just spaces. So they no longer just need a room to fit enough people in, creating an experience means everything from having parking nearby, a menu that’s considered based on your needs, a bedroom you look forward to retiring to at the end of a long day, to even just being able to help yourselves to tea when you’d like! Clients are looking for a partner who can help them create and host a complete experience. For them, the details really make the difference, and these can be different for each client.

We developed a bold and compelling brand story based around the idea of ‘anything is possible’, which then became our springboard for creating the brand, including a clean new logo locked together with the strapline – Anything is possible – so the bold new promise is front of mind. To celebrate the idea of individuality; and inspired by note-taking and live conversations, we introduced four handwritten typefaces and doodles into the visual identity.

Warwick Conferences

Following the rebrand, we have recently worked on a core brand campaign for the second phase of the brand implementation. This comprised of a direct mailing campaign, focusing on Warwick Conferences’ impressive unique selling propositions. For example; space flexibility, powerful team of event experts, their ground breaking new venue The Slate, unique food offer and unique and innovative feature meeting spaces. All of which are designed to meet the customer’s evolving need of experience over facilities.

 Trophy and Clouds

Secondary to this, we have worked on embedding the brand culture within the business through a series of brand behaviour workshops and techniques in order to implement “anything is possible” into the core of the compelling team within Warwick Conferences.

Other activities we have developed with Warwick Conferences have including optimising weekend bookings as they are operating at near capacity within the week. The core messaging behind this campaign will act as a problem solver that can inhibit midweek business. Through offering solutions to problems such reduced rates for budget conscious businesses.

Seeing the new brand being brought to life around each of the venues is the real reward for us; whether that’s the new notebooks, the factsheets sent to clients or even the walls in the innovative feature rooms. However, we also know the proof is in the pudding. Which is why hearing the positive feedback from clients and staff, all cement our pride in the work we’ve achieved with Warwick Conferences.

Fri 02 Jun 2017, 15:44 | Tags: Awards