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The Rootes Building has had a refurb

Following the recent brand implementation of the Warwick Conferences strapline "anything is possible" into Scarman and Arden. It was time for a revamp at the eclectic space over at Conference Park. The hub of this space is the Rootes Building, therefore what better place to start?

We have found that installing our funky and informal doodles into the interior visuals of the building, has injected the space with a new lease of life, designed around provoking inspiration and "lightbulb moments" from the delegates visiting the building.

We began by transforming the once, off-white reception area into a new and inviting area, using the signature primary brand colour of Warwick Conferences, slate grey. This in conjuction with an approachable hand-drawn smiley face and an informal welcome "hello!" message, now allows delegates to enter the building and feel instantly at ease.

Rootes reception

We knew the wall opposite reception would be a great canvas to spark inspiration off. We stripped the wall right back and inserted something that was far more thought-provoking and effective. "Possibilities are always endless..." links delegates back to the Warwick Conferences core of "Anything is possible."

Possibilities are always endless

Next stop, the staircase. Once a bare and neglected magnolia, now an artful conception of everything we stand for. We have literally lit up this area of space through inserting some huge and quirky lightbulb graphics, coinciding nicely with the messaging we have filtrated throughout all of the graphics.

Lightbulb stairwell

This statement lightbulb has also been mirrored throughout our directional signage. Designed to alleviate the ease of movement within the building, the flow of guests and customer journey has improved significantly since.

Directional signage

Last but by no means least, the Rootes Restaurant has never looked so good. In keeping with the slate grey theme throughout the building, the restaurant now has walls that look good enough to eat!

Food station

This project is just a testament to anything is possible. Just look at what a lick of paint, hint of elbow grease and heaps of wonderful imaginative ideas can achieve.

If you're one of the 27,000 guests we welcome each year to Conference Park, as a first time or return visit, tweet us @WarwickConf to let us know what you think of Rootes' new look.