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Conferences weekend

Create your ideal weekend event

Bring together like-minded people for all kinds of special interests, learning or hobbies. Discover the spaces, bedrooms, menus and service to shape your perfect weekend event.

Team building activities

Create a memorable event that really brings the team together.

With a climbing centre, world-leading arts centre and much more on our doorstep, we can help organise all kinds of team building activities.

Learning & development

Make the weekend the perfect time for additional learning.

If the 9-5 keeps you busy during the week, we can help you organise a memorable yet cost effective weekend education event.

Deepening passions

Has your hobby become your life and is your enthusiasm spreading?

From taking part in sporting events to honing your arts and crafts. If you're part of an interest group, we've got everything needed to help you host your own event.

Doodle map showing the location of Warwick Conferences, a conference centre in Coventry.

A central location

Being located in the heart of the country, we're perfectly positioned for bringing together passionate people in one place.

Weekend event examples

With small to large meeting spaces, bedrooms, restaurants, sporting facilities and green space, we have everything you need for all kinds of weekend events.

  • Conventions and interest events
  • Association events, such as charities or religious gatherings
  • Membership based events for education and qualified professionals
  • Sports tournaments and socials
  • Hobby workshops and tutorials
  • Assessments days and exam centres

Create your event

Discover cost-effective solutions, inspiring spaces and world-class facilities to deliver everything you need for your event.

Enquire today

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Email hello-conferences at warwick dot ac dot uk

Discover more

Explore the spaces, bedrooms, menus and service available to shape your perfect weekend event.

Space for all

From small to large, find unique spaces to match the needs of your event.

Spaces & venues


Everyone can get a comfortable sleep with bedrooms for every need and budget.


An exciting destination

Discover a modern, contemporary campus, and plenty to explore right on the doorstep.

Local area

A culture of excellence

Get a service that goes the extra mile to give you the best experience.

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