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NIHR no longer require academic partners to have a silver Athena Swan award

September 2020


The National Institute for Health Research announced on 10th September 2020 that they no longer require academic partners to have a Silver Athena Swan award.

“We have announced that we shall be dropping requirements with respect to Athena Swan, but will be putting greater emphasis on how those that apply for any NIHR funding demonstrate their commitment to EDI and a healthy research culture more generally. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate how their proposal is inclusive and the protected characteristics have been considered and addressed, including steps taken to ensure the work programme does not perpetuate or exacerbate inequalities.”

This change does not alter our commitment to continuing to work to promote gender equality, and as NIHR note “Applicants may still choose to evidence elements of this commitment through participation in Athena Swan” and “We recognise that charters for equality continue to be useful tools for organisations that demonstrate good practice, as are the Concordats that support research integrity and the career development of researchers.”

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