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Terms and Conditions

The Piazza and Benefactors Place are visually attractive social spaces for staff, students and visitors alike which may be used for live performance entertainment (including theatre, music and other activities). All organised events in these spaces must be formally approved by the booking team and meet these requirements:

  1. To book an event please complete the booking form.

  2. All events in the Piazza and Benefactors Place must be booked giving at least 7 working days’ notice.

  3. A copy of the granting of permission document to use Piazza or Benefactors Place and any conditions attached must be displayed and/or available during the event. Your permission will be emailed to you when your event has been approved by the booking team.

  4. The decision about whether or not any Licence is required will be made by the booking team.

  5. Noise emanating from events in Piazza/Benefactors Place must not disturb other parts of campus. Noise levels will be controlled partly by use of a decibel counter and partly by observation. In general recorded music may only be played between 12noon-2pm. Event organisers breaching the noise code may not be granted further bookings in Piazza or Benefactors Place for the remainder of the academic year.

  6. Ball games, roller blading, skate boarding, naked flames, barbeques and other activities which might cause damage to Piazza/Benefactors Place are not allowed.

  7. No merchandise, food or drink shall be sold or given away in or around Piazza/Benefactors Place areas except where a written agreement exists and the appropriate rent/licence fee has been paid to the University.

  8. The Piazza andBenefactors Place are public areas for the benefit of staff, students and visitors alike. Behaviour likely to disturb or distress other members of the community will be actively discouraged and all University regulations must be abided by.

  9. Events which primarily involve amplified sound will not usually be permitted and if they are they must meet the noise disturbance requirements in clause 5 above and shall be restricted to one event per week during term time (normally on a Wednesday).

  10. Substantial or noisy events are not generally permitted between 9am-12.30pm and 2pm-5.30pm during the summer examination period (term 3).

  11. There are restrictions on vehicles driving onto the Piazza and Benefactors Place which will be discussed as necessary as part of the application process.

  12. All users are required to follow the standard University parking rules.

  13. The event organiser is responsible for clearing up any litter and the removal of all apparatus and equipment within 1 hour of the end of the event.

  14. The University reserves the right to impose any conditions that it deems to be appropriate. Approval to hold the event must not be assumed until given in writing.