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Amazon lockers

Amazon Lockers

Self-service kiosks that allow you to collect and return Amazon parcels at a time convenient to you.

Secure, easy access

365 days a year access. The lockers are secure and your parcel is only accessible with your unique code.


375 lockers across five locations on campus.

Our Amazon Locker names

  • Lakeside: “Zahra”
  • Westwood: “Noire”
  • The Junction: “Matson”
  • Rootes Building: "Ivory"
  • Gibbet Hill: "Kylo"

Local Collect

  • Choose "Local Collect” to pick up your parcels from the Post Office in Rootes Grocery Store.

How to use Amazon Locker


Shop as usual on Amazon. At checkout, select one of our Amazon locker locations as your delivery address.


You will be emailed a unique pickup code. Go to your selected locker location and follow the instructions to collect your delivery.


Save the locker location to your Amazon account for an easier and quicker checkout for your next order.

Say hello to our lovely lockers


Rootes Building
115 lockers

Ivory is one of a kind. The largest Amazon installation of its type in the world and the busiest locker in the UK.


The Junction
55 lockers

Just a leisurely stroll from Jack Martin residencies.


75 lockers

Living the student life at Lakeside halls, Zahra enjoys the diversity of student deliveries.


75 lockers

Brooding over at Westwood campus, Noire is the thinker. He pretends to enjoy only receiving books, but as with all our lockers is open to all deliveries.


Gibbet Hill
55 lockers

Kylo has chosen the dark side of a tunnel between Life Sciences and the Medical School for his home. You won't have to use the Force to get your parcel though.