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Fire Safety

Fire is potentially the greatest of all risks to personnel, business continuity and property. It can spread extremely quickly producing toxic, asphyxiating smoke. Fire hazards arise from structural features, the use to which the building is put, and the behaviour of people occupying and using the building.

Whilst at the University you must familiarise yourself with the appropriate fire procedures.


  1. Shout "Fire" and operate the nearest red break glass point.
  2. Ring (024765) 22222


  1. If you hear the alarm in the building you are in evacuate immediately, calmly and safely.
  2. Always leave by the nearest exit
  3. Go to the assembly point as directed. Do not linger in doorways as this only impedes the fire brigade and endangers you and other people.
  4. Never re-enter a building until you are told to do so by Security, even if the alarms stop.
  5. Never assume it's a false alarm! If the alarm sounds you must leave the building immediately.

Automatic fire detectors, warning systems and fire fighting equipment are put in place for everybody's safety. To interfere with such systems and related equipment is irresponsible. It is a serious disciplinary matter and can result in the criminal prosecution of the individual. The fire detection system is extremely sensitive and can be easily activated through careless use of cooking facilities and aerosols. Blocking kitchen doors open is a primary cause of false alarms.

Fire doors onto staircases and kitchens protect your escape route and should never be blocked open.