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Chemical Segregation

Basic Principles of Chemical Storage

  • Store like with like.
  • Segregate incompatible liquids to prevent interactions, some powders may also have special storage requirements.
  • Keep stocks to a minimum and dispose of materials no longer needed.
  • Use the cabinet storage guide to determine whether a cabinet is required and store in accordance with the hazard and information provided on the safety data sheet.

The following chemicals are incompatible with all other hazard groups and hence it is recommended that they are stored separately in suitable containers/ cabinets. There may be other materials that fall into this category, consult safety data sheet and appropriate research reports. These materials may also be subject to other statutory requirements which must be considered prior to purchase in a pre-use risk assessment.

  • Picric Acid moist
  • Phosphorous
  • Benzyl Azide

All other materials can be stored together in a manner which allows them to be readily found when needed.

Chemical Incompatibility Guidance

Chemical compatibility chart

Chemical storage cabinet guide