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Field Work

Fieldwork is defined as any off-campus practical work carried out by research staff and students as part of their work, or as part of their course of study. This could be in the UK or overseas and includes activities such as:

  • work in a natural environment
  • practical data gathering in a community
  • interviewing participants for research purposes
  • visits to research camps, museums, galleries, observatories or similar
  • visits to industrial or commercial sites
  • domiciliary visits.

It is important that fieldwork activities are planned carefully in order to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and students involved. The following guidance and link provides information to help plan for a safe fieldwork activity.

A Fieldwork Risk Assessment should be completed, or, if the activity has been assessed before, the risk assessment should be revisited and updated to reflect any changes. The completed risk assessment should be sent to your Supervisor/Line Manager for approval before any travel or accommodation booking are arranged and booked.